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How to freeze mangoes

If you tend to fall victim to the winter doldrums, you can bring back the magic of summer in a flash by freezing your fresh mangoes to enjoy year-round - you'll thank us for these tips come mid-July!

Mango hedgehog with lime wedges

If you’re of the opinion that mangoes are the fruits of the gods and are devastated winter is about to strike them down, never fear; there is still time to prepare!

Instead of bemoaning the cold and rain all wrapped up in your snuggie, head to the shops while mangoes are still at their finest and pick up some ripe, good quality fruits.

mango & macadamia tart with lime syrup

While you’re at it, why not try this mango and macadamia tart?

Then, follow Aussie Mangoes‘ tips below to enjoy this fabulous fruit all year:

  1. Remove the skin and cut your mangoes into bite-sized pieces.

  2. Place the mango pieces onto a baking tray or shallow casserole dish and freeze for 3-5 hours or until firm.

  3. Transfer the mango pieces to a ziplock bag or airtight container. Label with the current date and return them to the freezer where they will last up to ten months.

  4. Simply thaw the mango and add it to your breakfast bowl, smoothies and cocktails to stave off those winter blues any time!


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