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What are finger limes?

These Australian natives are bursting onto the foodie scene for their big flavour and eye-catching colours, but what exactly are finger limes, and where can you get them?

Increasingly used as a garnish in top restaurants, finger limes have been a food source for Indigenous people for thousands of generations.
The fruit itself resembles small fat fingers and come in a range of colours. Inside, however, are sharp, acidic pearls, bursting with full-bodied flavour, not unlike a regular lime. The tiny, bead-like inside has given them the nickname “citrus caviar”.

A rainforest fruit native to Queensland and New South Wales, finger limes have a relatively short season during mid-summer and are next to impossible to source at supermarkets.
Instead, keep an eye out for finger limes at specialty grocers, farmers' markets or even online. They freeze well, meaning you can stock up on them for year-round flavour.

Nutritionally, finger limes are packed with antioxidants. With three times more vitamin C than a mandarin and high levels of folate, potassium and vitamin E, this Australian native makes a wonderful addition to many meals.
On that note, using finger limes in your recipes is surprisingly easy. To use, cut in half, squeeze out pearls and scatter on seafood, garnish your cocktails or mix through your homemade jams and preserves.
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