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11 easy choc-chip biscuit recipes

Perfect with a glass of milk

These tasty bikkies are a great accompaniment to your morning coffee or, for the young and young-at-heart, alongside a glass of milk. Try our simple choc-chip cookie if you like to stick with the classics or, indulge in a choc-chip ice-cream sandwich when you need an extra sweet treat. We've also included recipes with a twist on the humble favourite by adding peanut butter, white chocolate or pecans. They're the perfect weekend baking ideas!
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    Chocolate chip cookies

    A classic biscuit that is loved by all, the humble chocolate chip cookie is best enjoyed with a glass of milk. They're great to bake with the little ones, too.

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    Double-choc coconut cookies

    It doesn't hurt to have a foolproof chocolate chip cookie recipe up your sleeve - and this one has extra chocolate!

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    Peanut butter choc chunk cookies

    These moist, delectable chocolate and peanut cookies can be tailored to your preference for crunchy or chewy and are the ideal snack for any occasion.

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    Mega choc-chip cookies

    Choc-chip cookies are always a crowd pleaser and these mega choc-chip cookies will be hugely popular. Generously sized, crisp around the edges and chewy in the middle. Perfect.

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    Choc chip cookies

    There are few biscuits more loved than the classic chocolate chip cookie. Whip up a batch this weekend to share with friends and family, or enjoy on your own as a afternoon snack with a pot of tea.

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    The big chocolate cookie

    Indulge your sweet tooth with these decadent chocolate cookies. We recommend serving them with a dollop of Nutella and a refreshing glass of milk - we all deserve a cheeky treat every now and again!

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