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10 easy recipes using stock to save time and boost flavour

Stock up for spring and summer.

Whether it’s vegetable, chicken, or beef, stocks enrich flavour while cutting down on cooking time. What’s not to love?

Spice up your lunch and dinner repertoire with these delicious spring and summer recipes using stock — from a hearty roast chicken to lemon risotto given extra depth with chicken stock.

Grocery list at the ready? Below, explore our favourite recipes made with Vegeta stock pots and stock and seasoning powders.

Roast chicken is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser (so long as there’s no vegetarians at the table). But sometimes it pays to get creative and mix up the side dishes. Here, we’re serving roast chicken with cheesy, green polenta made with flavour-boosting chicken stock.

Light and flavoursome, couscous is a hallmark of Mediterranean cuisine. In this recipe, tender chicken, vegetable stock, and a blend of fresh herbs and vegetables take this simple dish to the next level.

The Vegeta vegetable stock pot is made with real vegetables, can be used as liquid stock, and enriches flavour in any savoury meal.

Perfect for spring, this rice-based dish is rich and flavoursome. We use pearl couscous, boiled eggs and chicken stock to add a new dimension to this traditional British-Indian recipe. To make this dish vegetarian-friendly, simply swap the chicken stock for vegetable stock, and use chickpeas instead of chicken.

Searching for the perfect dish to serve at your next alfresco barbecue or Sunday soiree? Look no further. This baked chicken alfredo is creamy, cheesy, and moreish — and can be paired with other dishes or served on its own. Divine!

Bursting with beautiful spring ingredients like asparagus, this delicious risotto is perfect for a midweek dinner or weekend lunch. Crispy skinned salmon meets fluffy rice cooked in a white wine and garlic creamy sauce, which is intensified with chicken stock. This is an easy way to add seafood to your regular routine.

From margherita to Hawaiian, pizza is the ultimate feel-good food. Here, a light, zucchini crust gives traditional pizza a nutritious twist — making it a great ‘fakeaway’ meal to enjoy with the family. Add Vegeta Gourmet stock & seasoning powder (made with quality vegetables, herbs, and spices) to the zucchini base for wow-factor flavour.

This vibrant risotto looks too good to eat (almost). Simmered in white wine and chicken stock, this beautiful risotto is topped with extra pumpkin cubes, grated parmesan and parsley for a sensational spring dish.

Craving an afternoon snack? Try these simple potato muffins. Mashed potatoes are combined with salty pieces of ham, savoury spices and flavoursome vegetable stock to create a satisfying treat.

You can’t go wrong with a one-pot dish. Especially when it pairs chicken breast fillets with fresh rocket and juicy cherry tomatoes. This speedy dish is drizzled in a simple extra virgin olive oil, then served with parsley and parmesan.

The warmer weather calls for quick, easy recipes such as this prawn quinoa salad. This bright and vibrant meal delivers tasty prawns, fresh cherry tomatoes and fluffy quinoa (cooked in white wine, tomato paste and chicken stock) in a nourishing bowl of goodness.

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