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Create the taste of Italy at home with the best pasta makers for home chefs

The perfect home-made pasta is easier than you think.
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Nothing quite hits the spot like fresh, restaurant-quality pasta. But we understand the ease and convenience of throwing some dried pasta into a pot and having it ready in minutes.

However, if you’re wanting to take your next pasta meal to the next level, making your own pasta at home is a game changer and surprisingly easy with the right tools and recipes.

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Creating pasta dough is relatively simple (and if you’re looking for an easy-to-follow recipe check out ours), however using a pasta maker or machine can be a touch intimidating.

Is it worth it to buy a pasta maker?

It is possible to make pasta by hand without the use of a pasta maker – simply use a rolling pin to roll your dough thin and then use a knife to create the pasta shapes you desire.

However, there are many affordable and high-quality pasta makers and machines on the market that make the whole ordeal that much easier – whilst still being able to enjoy the flavours of fresh pasta.

Tips for using a pasta maker or machine

  • Rest your pasta for 15 to 30 minutes after flattening your dough strips before sending it through the machine, however watch to ensure they do not dry out too much in case they crack.

  • As you feed your pasta dough through the machine, hold your other hand to catch it as it comes through to prevent it from falling into a pile and sticking together.

  • If your dough is sticking to the machine, add some more flour and re-knead before trying again.

  • Once you have cut all of your pasta, allow it to dry for 15 minutes before cooking which will help it firm up and also prevent sticking during the cooking process.

If you’re looking to try your hand at pasta making and want to invest in a pasta maker for the kitchen, read on, because below we have found some of our favourites on the market.

The best pasta makers to shop in 2023



Baccarat Gourmet pasta machine, $40 (usually $99.99) at House

Ensure your pasta maker sits pretty on your kitchen counter thanks to this adorable baby pink machine from the cooking experts at Baccarat. It’s made with premium stainless steel to ensure it remains durable and comes with various cutting blades to suit your desired pasta style.




3-piece pasta roller and cutter attachment, $249 (usually $299) at KitchenAid

If you’re a die hard fan of your KitchenAid (like so many are), then this attachment is a pasta lover’s dream. It includes a pasta roller, spaghetti and fettucine cutter and makes homemade pasta simple.




Philips Pasta & noodle maker, $329 (usually $399) at Myer

Love pasta but hate the effort? This easy to use machine will deliver your fresh pasta in under 10 minutes. Just add the ingredients and watch as it creates the most delicious pasta for your dinner.




Soffritto gnocchi set, $42.99 at MyHouse

Create delicious gnocchi just like Nonna with this handy five piece set that is a great addition to any pasta lover’s home.




Roccar Pasta maker, $41.99 at Amazon

Don’t break the bank to enjoy fresh pasta, this affordable machine includes a table clamp to keep it sturdy, variable cutter attachments and adjustable settings.




Marcato Ravioli tray, $97.97 (usually $139.95) at Myer

Create mouth watering ravioli with this simple and easy-to-use ravioli maker, made in Italy, so you know it’s authentic. It makes a great gift or date night activity to make and then enjoy your hard work.


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