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5 fresh and fuss-free meals in minutes – just add herbs

A sprinkle here and there brings the ‘zing’ to any dish.
glass noodle salad

Herbs and spices add interest and depth of flavour to many dishes. They add flavour to sauces, stews, soups and casseroles and vibrancy to a fresh salad.

Gourmet Garden produces a range of Australian-grown, cold-blended pastes and lightly dried herbs that stay fresh for up to four weeks in your fridge. They’re a midweek saviour and a convenient, time-saving way to enjoy the flavour of fresh herbs and spices when you need them, with less chopping and less waste.

We’ve picked five of our favourite recipes that are low on fuss but big on flavour, transformed by the addition of herbs and spices.

Have this flavoursome, light meal ready in the time it takes to cook your spaghetti. Add a sprinkle of lightly dried fresh herbs and chilli for a deliciously colourful summer meal.

Bursting with aromatic flavours, the warmth of lightly dried fresh chilli and a colourful choice of vegetables, this stir fry ticks all the boxes for healthy, fast and fresh.

This Middle Eastern-inspired family feast is bursting with colour, moderate spice and fresh herb flavours – and it’s a breeze to make thanks to Gourmet Garden’s lightly dried Australian grown herbs and aromatic garlic paste.

glass noodle salad

Colour, texture, herbs and the zing of citrus, this Thai-style salad is dressed to impress!

This meat-free, speedy take on an Indonesian favourite is packed with protein and fibre.

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