Impressive chocolate desserts for entertaining guests

When throwing a dinner party, it's important to make sure you're plating up exceptional food to dazzle your guests. And there's no better way to finish up a memorable meal than with a decadent chocolate dessert. To make your menu planning a little easier, we've pulled together a selection of our most impressive desserts to delight your party-goers. From our tiered chocolate mousse cakes to our chocolate and berry-topped pavlova, there is a dessert here for every sweet tooth.
Chilli chocolateICE-CREAM TORTE
black forest mud cake
January 31, 2018

Black forest mud cake

This cake is an absolute winner. We’ve used maraschino cherries here, you can use fresh or canned cherries, if you like. Maraschino cherries are available from gourmet food stores and good delicatessens.
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