Easy citrus dessert recipes

There's more to the humble citrus family than oranges and lemons and here, we're celebrating the forgotten fruits of the citrus world. We've gathered our best desserts that showcase them all, making the most of everything from blood oranges and mandarins to grapefruit and tangelos. But, it wouldn't be a citrus fruit collection without the inclusion of the classics, so you'll also find recipes for lemon delicious and an orange sponge cake. They're the perfect pick for Autumn baking!
blood orange cake recipe
Pink grapefruit soufflés
July 31, 1976

Pink grapefruit soufflés

Grapefruit probably got their name because they grow in clusters like grapes. Pink or ruby grapefruit have coral-pink flesh and shell- pink skin, and are sweeter and juicier than the yellow-skinned variety. Grenadine is a deep-red syrup based on pomegranate juice and used to both colour and sweeten desserts and drinks. Some versions of grenadine […]
By Women's Weekly Food

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