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Delicious dessert recipes

If you have a fancy dinner party lined up, or just a sweet date night on the cards, you need the perfect dessert to end a perfect night. Whether it’s a decadent chocolate cherry pavlova or a strawberries and cream tart with an almond crust, we’ve got all the answers to your dessert dilemmas. So, to help you pinpoint your menu’s crowning glory, we’ve put together a list of our most delicious, most decadent and most delectable desserts ever. You’re welcome.

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    Double chocolate banoffee pie

    Sink your knife into a slice of heaven... This double chocolate banoffee pie is possibly the best thing you'll eat all week!

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    Chocolate and dulce de leche puddings

    These heavenly chocolate and dulce de leche puddings are the perfect way to end a meal! Sweet, rich, and easy to prepare - what more could you want!

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    Lemon and meringue passionfruit mess

    Quick and easy to prepare, and filled with fresh, sweet zesty flavours, this lemon and meringue passionfruit mess is simply irresistible!

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    Apple and cardamom tart

    Wonderfully fragrant, the combination of apple and cardamon is a match made in heaven. We've paired them together here in this gorgeous tart with a golden pastry and a dollop of fresh cream to create a perfectly balanced dessert.

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    Poached pear pudding

    This recipe tastes as good as it looks. Tender pears poached in a sugar syrup then baked in a sweet pudding batter. It really doesn't get any better!

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    Chocolate cherry berry pavlova

    This decadent chocolate, cherries and mixed berry pavlova is the perfect way to end a dinner party, birthday celebration or date night.

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    Blueberry apple crumble pie

    Indulge in this delightful blueberry apple crumble pie, perfect for morning or afternoon tea.

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    Papaya and lemongrass trifles

    Instead of your usual trifles, why not give this exotic one a try? The papaya and lemongrass are a taste sensation!

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    White chocolate and mixed berry cheesecake

    This rich and creamy cheesecake is packed full of naturally-sweet berries to create a wonderfully decadent dessert that's guaranteed to please all your dinner guests.

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    Summer lemon and berry pudding

    Escape to summer with this delightfully sweet summer lemon and berry pudding! Fruity, creamy, and simply divine!

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