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Fun cocktail recipes for entertaining at home

One of the best ways to kick off weekend celebrations is with a refreshing, fruity, flavour-packed cocktail. And whether you like them based on gin or vodka, swirled with sweet berries or zesty lemons, cocktails make the ultimate accompaniment to good food and company when entertaining. Here, we've got all the classics you know and love, from Cosmopolitans to Margaritas. You'll also find some inventive new recipes, like our peach and rum iced-tea and creamy Toblerone cocktail.

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    Peach and spiced rum iced tea

    Cool down on a hot Summer day with this refreshing peach and spiced rum iced tea - a delightfully uplifting and tasty beverage for the adults.

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    Mai tai

    For a relaxing start to the weekend, whip up a cold jug of this refreshing Mai Tai from Australian Table while you're waiting for your takeaway delivery after the end of a long week.

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    Lime and mint punch

    Combine zesty lime with rum and the distinct aroma of mint to create this knockout, refreshing punch.

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    Raspberry daiquiris

    Ready in just five minutes, these colourful cocktails will certainly get the party started!

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    A sweet and fresh passionfruit, pineapple and orange cocktail.

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    Apple Pimm’s

    Enjoy a classic apple Pimm's cocktail this festive season with this delicious recipe! Fresh and fruity!

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    Classic cosmopolitan cocktail

    You can add some thinly sliced blood orange as well as the lime to this classic cosmopolitan if you like.

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    Aperol and grapefruit cocktails

    A classic Italian, low-alcohol drink with a fruity, bittersweet taste, this refreshing cocktail is perfect for summer entertaining.

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    Deborah Hutton's margarita recipe

    Margaritas are a refreshing must-have cocktail for Mexican Summer fiestas. They’re a perennial favourite of Deborah's, which is why she included this recipe in her new book, Entertaining Made Easy.

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    Aperol spritzer

    Deliciously zesty, this cocktail is perfect for an outdoor Summer party!

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    Della pringle's tingle cocktail

    This fruity and refreshing cocktail from popular Sydney bar, Della Hyde's, seasonal menu combines gin, mango and basil to create the ultimate Summer drink.

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    Toblerone cocktail

    A boozy, chocolate elixir that is made even more decadent with the addition of fresh cream and honey.

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