Ditch the store-bought bubbles with these 6 sparkling water makers

You'll save so much money.
Sparkling Water Maker

Tired of lugging heavy bottles of soda water from the store multiple times a week? What if we told you that the solution lies right at your fingertips, within the comfort of your own home?

That’s right – it’s super simple (and way more cost effective) to make your own sparking water at home. By investing in a quality soda machine, you not only bid farewell to the hassle of store runs but also open the door to a world of customisable, bubbly creations (without leaving a continuous dent in your wallet, of course).

But in a world bubbling over with options, how do you know which one to invest in? Below, we’ve narrowed it down to six fail-safe soda makers we’re sure you’ll love.


  1. Philips GoZero soda & sparkling water maker, $87.20, Myer (here’s why)
  2. DrinkMate OmniFizz sparkling water and soda maker, $252.73, Amazon (here’s why)
  3. Sodastream Art sparkling water maker, $169, The Good Guys (here’s why)

6 of the best sparkling water machines in Australia 2024

Philips GoZero Soda & Sparkling Water Maker


Philips GoZero soda & sparkling water maker

$87.20 (usually $109) at Myer

The Philips GoZero sparkling water & soda maker is a sleek and efficient machine that allows you to carbonate water anywhere, anytime without using electricity. With a 1L capacity and customisable carbonation levels, it’s a convenient and eco-friendly solution for top-quality sparkling water.

“I bought one of these for myself, then I recommend it to a friend who bought one for herself and one for her mother in law last Christmas,” wrote a satisfied reviewer. “I just purchased one for my parents this Christmas. We all love this product.”

Key features:

  • 1L capacity
  • No electricity required
  • Customisable carbonation levels
  • Sleek design with brushed stainless-steel finishing
  • Built-in safety relief valve for pressure release
  • Two-year warranty (excluding carbonating bottle)

Available at:

DrinkMate OmniFizz Sparkling Water Maker


DrinkMate OmniFizz sparkling water and soda maker

$252.73 at Amazon

The DrinkMate OmniFizz is a real party starter for the tastebuds. It’s quick, safe and easy to operate, with patented Fizz Infuser technology that doesn’t require electricity or batteries.

“I’m so impressed with the wide range of sparkling drinks you can make with it,” said a five-star reviewer. “The sparkling margarita and whiskey sour I made were delicious! I was able to control the level of carbonation by simply not pressing it down for as long which was simple and effective – great for my partner who doesn’t like her drinks overly fizzy.”

Key features:

  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Endless drink options
  • Easy hand washing
  • Thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon
Sodastream Art Sparkling Water


Sodastream Art sparkling water maker

$169 at The Good Guys

Up your hydration game with the Sodastream Art sparkling water maker. This stylish device boasts a Spark Design Awards winning design, featuring stainless steel trimmings and a retro carbonating lever for precise control. Enjoy cordless operation, easy cleanup and the convenience of Sodastream’s Quick Connect gas cylinder for one-click installation.

“Bought this not knowing it doesn’t have to be plugged in to power,” wrote a reviewer. “Great advantage. Once you put in the canister all you do is pull the handle down to give you sparkling water with all the bubbles you need for a refreshing drink. A perfect asset to any kitchen.”

Key features:

  • Dishwasher-safe 1L carbonating bottle included
  • Quick Connect CO2 cylinder
  • Retro carbonating lever for precise control
  • Two-year warranty

Available at:

Aarke Carbonator 3


Aarke Carbonator 3

$299 at Hardtofind

The Carbonator 3, designed and engineered in Sweden, stands out as one of the slimmest and most compact sparkling water makers. Its seamless stainless-steel enclosure, premium materials and advanced internal safety features make it truly one of a kind.

Key features:

  • Overhauled internal safety valve system
  • Compatible with standard Australian and New Zealand CO2 cylinders
  • Carbonates up to 60L of water per gas cylinder
  • Cordless design with no electricity needed
  • Free shipping in Australia and New Zealand
The Infizz Fusion


The InFizz Fusion

$299 at Breville

Unleash a burst of flavour with the InFizz Fusion – where the fizz isn’t just for water! With the innovative FusionCap, you can carbonate a variety of beverages, from juices and tea to cocktails and wine. The easy twist and lock system, premium materials and magnetic stainless steel drip tray combine to create the perfect trifecta.

“The Fusion is a stunning and stylish product that I proudly keep on my countertop,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “Guests are always impressed by its beauty and I’m happy to demonstrate how it works by adding some sparkle to their drinks. Assembly is a breeze, and the cordless design allows me to move it around the house with ease. While we mainly use it for sparkling water, we’ve also tried it with apple juice and other fruit juices, which has brought my daughter so much joy.”

Key features:

  • Maximum carbonation retention with the option to infuse extra flavours
  • Luxe look and feel with brushed stainless steel body and die-cast lever
  • Magnetic stainless steel drip tray for secure placement
  • Easy 3D interactive setup with the BILT® Intelligent Instructions app
  • Two-year warranty

Available at:

SodaKing Spark Sparkling Water Machine


SodaKING Spark sparkling water machine

$69 at Big W

If you want some quality bubbles but you’re worried about overspending, the SodaKING sparkling water machine is the perfect option. This Aussie-owned gem includes a full CO2 cylinder and a reusable carbonating bottle, making it a fantastic value for money option that transforms tap water into bubbly bliss in seconds.

“Love this Soda king,” said a reviewer. “Bought one for myself and my daughter a few weeks ago. The drinks are healthier – the Soda king brand Cola is about 1/4 less calories in 500ml than a can of Coke has. [It] also [doesn’t’] have the syrup taste that just makes you thirsty afterwards. Haven’t used a Sodastream for a long time but I doubt there’s any real difference in the budget models.”

Key features:

  • Makes up to 60L of sparkling water
  • Healthy alternative with no additives
  • Range of syrups available for personalised drinks
  • Easy to use
  • Great value for money

Available at:

Are sparkling water makers worth it?

If you’re looking to save money while minimising your environmental impact, sparkling water makers, like Soda Stream machines, are an excellent investment.

These devices provide a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution, allowing you to enjoy your favourite sparkling beverage without the ongoing expenses and environmental footprint associated with store-bought options.

What is the best carbonated drink maker?

Determining the best carbonated drink maker depends on your individual preferences and needs. Popular options like Soda Stream, DrinkMate and more offer versatility for carbonating beverages, while also standing out for their ability to perform other functions.

Ultimately, the best choice hinges on factors such as functionality, design and the variety of drinks you wish to carbonate.

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