Simple butter cakes and tea cakes

We've pulled together a selection of our favourite sweet and fluffy butter cakes and tea cakes to enjoy alongside your mid-morning or afternoon cuppa. Cut yourself a big slice, pop on the kettle, and sit back and relax.
Honey and vanilla cake
tea infused dessert recipes
January 31, 1975

Lemon and earl grey chiffon syrup cake

Variation; for an orange blossom and mint tea syrup cake, omit the french earl grey tea in the cake and instead add 1 tablespoon orange blossom water with the lemon juice in step 3. Omit the earl grey syrup and instead make ‘orange blossom and mint tea syrup’. Serve the cake drizzled with syrup. Note
By Women's Weekly Food
POLKA DOTButter Cake
June 30, 1975

Polka dot butter cake

Use small piping bags without a tube or strong plastic bags snip a tiny corner from the bag for easy piping. Prepared cake boards are available from cake decorating and craft stores; you will need one 30cm (12-inch) round board for this cake. Note
By Women's Weekly Food

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