Retro Recipes: 1980s cooking

We're taking another trip down memory lane for Throwback Thursday, and this time we're enjoying the culinary delights of the 1980s.
1980s recipes

Anything blackened, especially cajun-spiced fish, was on pretty much any dinner menu, and pesto was being added to every possible dish.

Then there was sushi, creme brulee, sloppy joes… it was all about making our usual fare a bit fancier.

Our favourites though?

Cob spinach loaf showed up at every dinner party, gathering and barbecue and it never lasted long. Whipping up one for your next ‘do is guaranteed to go down a storm.

Creamy, tangy, and seriously comforting, beef stroganoff with fettuccine|target=”_blank”) was an 80s stand-out – and it still tastes just as good today.

And then, for dessert, nothing else would do but chocolate profiteroles. Impressively stacked in a triangular tower, they were (and still are) the perfect bite to end a meal with.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for some more 80s fare, click through the gallery below.

Gallery: Retro ’80s recipes

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