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Australia Day pavlova recipes

This classic dessert is a must for any Australia Day barbecue and with all our favourite summer fruits now in season, there's plenty of delicious, fresh toppings to choose from. Here, we've gathered our best pavs with everything from mango and passionfruit to strawberries and cherries. For those with a super sweet tooth, we also have delicious chocolate-swirled meringues and a fun rainbow pavlova the kids will love.

australia day pavlova
  • pavlova stack

    Tropical coconut pavlova stack

    This light pavlova, with fresh tropical fruits stacked between melt-in-your-mouth meringues, is the perfect dessert for entertaining this summer season!

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  • Coconut pavlovas with banana and passionfruit

    Coconut pavlovas with banana and passionfruit

    Want to give a twist to an Australian favourite for Christmas or a special occasion? Whip up these stunning individual pavlovas ahead of then lace with fresh fruit and shredded coconut.

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  • Peach pavlova

    Sugar and spice peach pavlova

    We're peachy keen on this sugar and spice pav! Topped with fresh peaches and pomegranate seeds, it's sure to be a hit this summer season.

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  • Chocolate pavlova with salted butterscotch sauce

    Chocolate pavlova with salted butterscotch sauce

    The humble Aussie pavlova is made even more decadent when swirled with flaked chocolate and served with a rich, creamy topping. Drizzle over a homemade salted caramel sauce to create utter dessert heaven.

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  • Mango and passionfruit pavlova

    Mango and passionfruit pavlova

    This iconic Australian dessert is made even more delicious with the addition of fresh tropical fruits. Whip up this gorgeous pavlova for a special occasion, birthday party or Christmas celebration.

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  • mini pavlovas

    Choc hazelnut mini pavlovas

    Swirled with dark chocolate and topped with fresh raspberries, these melt-in-your-mouth mini pavlovas are a decadent summer treat!

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  • Pavlova with berry compote

    Pavlova with berry compote

    A classic Aussie dessert, this beautiful meringue is divine topped with a sweet berry compote to create a brilliant pavlova.

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  • Chocolate cherry BERRY PAVLOVA

    Chocolate cherry berry pavlova

    This decadent chocolate, cherries and mixed berry pavlova is the perfect way to end a dinner party, birthday celebration or date night.

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  • Rainbow pavlova cake

    Rainbow pavlova cake

    Get creative in the kitchen with this deliciously indulgent and colourful rainbow pavlova cake - the perfect treat to make with the kids! Fun, bright, and so delicious!

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  • Pavlova with Greek Yoghurt and Raspberries

    Pavlova with Greek Yoghurt and Raspberries

    A timeless Australian dessert, we've put a healthy twist on the classic pavlova, using creamy Greek yoghurt and fresh raspberries to create an irresistible sweet treat for the whole family.

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  • mini pavlovas with vanilla strawberries

    Mini pavlovas with vanilla syrup strawberries

    You could experiment with a variety of different berry toppings here. Whatever you choose, you just can't beat a pav topped with whipped cream and berries and drenched in syrup.

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  • summer berry pavlova

    Summer berry pavlova

    Australian family gatherings or celebrations wouldn't be complete without a pav, especially in the warmer months when all our favourite soft fruit is super-ripe and cheap. Or top with any fruit you like - banana, kiwifruit, mango or hulled cherries are all good alternatives.

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    Caramel pavlova with rhubarb

    Try this famous Australian dessert for yourself with a modern addition of sweet caramel and rhubarb.

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