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Steph de Sousa’s air fryer tips

Grab your baskets, foodies! Steph de Sousa's cookbook Air Fryer Queen is flipping the fry game on its head - it's all about big fun and big flavour. Follow her tips to air fry your way to deliciousness.
Steph de Sousa Air Fryer Queen

So you’re on the hunt for the ultimate air fryer, huh? Well, strap in because I’ve got the lowdown for you! First off, size matters: are you cooking for one, two, or a whole hungry family? Pick a size that matches your needs. Next, make sure to peep those reviews! People love to share their crispy success stories (and cautionary tales). And don’t forget about the features: do you need a digital display, preset cooking options, or maybe a rotisserie function? Finally, make sure it’s easy to clean, because no one likes to scrub an oven!

The no-nos

Before you throw just ANYTHING into that magical machine, there are a few no-nos. Super wet batters? Nope, they’ll just drip and make a mess before they can crisp up. I have never been able to cook rice or pasta! I have tried and tried but have failed every time! Popcorn was another one of my epic failures! Also, delicate, leafy greens just fly around like they’re at a wild party instead of getting crispy. So, while your air fryer can perform kitchen miracles, it’s not for everything.

Do you need oil in an air fryer?

Spray oil will be your new BFF when you start air frying. A little spritz on the base to prevent sticking and a light spray on top of your food for extra crispness will make your cooking even more amazing. My preference is always olive oil spray.

How to clean an air fryer

My most asked question after “What air fryer should I buy?”, is “How do I clean my air fryer?” There are a few tricks that you can employ such as lining under the basket with baking paper or foil, if your air fryer is that style, to catch drips.

Spraying the basket lightly with oil can also make foods less likely to catch and make light work of cleaning. Check your manual, but all the air fryers I have used have been dishwasher safe.

My best advice is to treat it like a frying pan. Wash your air fryer basket after each use and you will avoid a build up of baked-on grime that is tough to get clean. If you have been a bit slack, I like to give it a soak in hot water with a dishwasher tablet. It will be clean in no time.

Air Fryer Queen

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