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20 Australian kids' birthday party food recipes

Everyone remembers going to Australian birthday parties; the chocolate crackles, the fairy bread, the sausage rolls, the lamingtons. So why not take a trip down memory lane and make your next bash an ode to birthday parties of yesteryear? Treat your guests to all of their childhood favourites; after all, who can resist a party pie or two?

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    Honey joys

    These sweet, golden childhood favourites are a must-have for every kid's party or birthday. These sticky dollops of honey and crunchy corn flakes are great to pop in the lunchbox for an on-the-go treat.

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    Cob loaf spinach dip

    This is one retro recipe that never goes out of style. The cheesy spinach dip has just the right amount of garlic and bacon bits to make this an instant hit at any party.

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    Chocolate and sultana crackles

    These chocolate and sultana crackles are one way to sneak a little bit of fruit and fibre into unsuspecting kids at a party. Happily, they're so delicious you're bound to get away with it.

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    Sausage rolls

    A classic Aussie favourite, your family will love these homemade version of the humble sausage roll. It'll taste so much better coming straight from the oven, and you'll know exactly what's going into them.

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    Cheese and spinach triangles

    These tasty little Greek-style cheese and spinach filo triangles are delicious served with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Great as finger food or for an after-school snack.

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    Classic lamingtons

    Nothing beats fluffy sponge dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut - fact. Whether it's Australia Day or just for morning tea, these lamingtons will hit the spot.

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    Hand-cut chips

    Who doesn't love hot chips sprinkled with sea salt?

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    Double chocolate freckles

    These fun and easy to make biscuits are great for kid's lunch boxes, after school snacks or parties.

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    Candied popcorn

    Give your next children's party that authentic movie experience by rolling out the red carpet, dimming the lights, popping on a blockbuster, and serving this delightful assortment of colourful candied popcorn.

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