Chickpea shakshuka

This Moroccan inspired chickpea shaskuka dish has a spicy kick to it. Shaskuka is traditionally served at breakfast and perfect for dinner too. Serve with baked chia seed mountain bread and chili oil.

Australian Women's Weekly|Jul 26, 2019

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  • Tasty tagine recipes

    The Moroccan take on a slow-cooked stew, a tagine is a wonderfully versatile and hearty dish that's just perfect for Winter. These one-pot wonders are packed full of fragrant Moroccan spices, tender cuts of meat and delicious, healthy vegetables and are left to simmer to perfection for hours. And the best part? Very little work is required on your part; the pot does all the work! We're already dreaming of Morocco...

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    Whether you're serving it up as a starter or side, this Moroccan pastry will go down a treat! Packed with lamb and pumpkin and served up with yoghurt, our puff pastry plait will become a family favourite.

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  • Moroccan baked eggs

    Whether you're eating it for breakfast or dinner, our easy Moroccan shakshuka, with eggplant, chickpeas and an easy tomato sauce, is sure to be a hit! Serve it up with pita bread and a rocket salad.

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    Packed with delicious veggies, tender chicken drumsticks and simmered in a fragrant baharat sauce, this hearty, slow-cooked Moroccan stew is the perfect way to spice up dinnertime.

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    Mortar and pestle at the ready and go! First whip up our recipe for the mouth-watering Moroccan spice known as ras el hanout. Bulk grind it and keep it on hand because these flavour-packed Moroccan meals with thank you for it. Spice up your lamb shanks with the blend or use it in our hearty chickpea stew. There's also tantalising traditional recipes for everything from a tasty lamb tfaya and vegetable harira to our seafood tagine and bisteeya sticks. And if you're looking for a treat, try our sweet krachel rolls for morning tea.

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    There's no wilting lettuce leaves or 'boring' diet ingredients here! With Moroccan-spiced roast veggies and couscous full of juicy currants and crumbly feta, this epic salad is perfect for a healthy dinner.

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    Spiced with mouthwatering Moroccan flavours and served with a refreshing mint and yoghurt dressing, these vegetarian chickpea burgers are quick to prepare for a tasty mid-week family dinner.

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