Watermelon, rose and strawberry almond cake

This is the stuff that dreams are made of; luscious mascarpone cream and candied watermelon sandwiched between crispy almond meringue and topped with fresh strawberries. Your guests will love it.

Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 01, 2018

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  • Gluten-free summer muesli

    Our colourful, crunchy gluten-free breakfast muesli is packed with goodness and fresh flavours to brighten your morning.

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  • Orange blossom and mandarin almond cake

    Wonderfully light and fragrant, this gluten-free orange blossom and almond cake goes perfectly topped with crunchy flaked almonds and zesty mandarins. Your weekend baking project is sorted!

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  • Easy baklava

    This Mediterranean dessert features layers of flaky filo pastry and mixed nuts drizzled with a sweet honey and lemon syrup. It's the perfect 3pm pick-me-up alongside a cuppa.

    Woman's Day|Aug 31, 2017

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    Crunchy slivered almonds give added texture and interest to this classic soup recipe and will take your winter dinners to another, tastier level. Serve with crusty bread for a filling family meal.

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    Whether they're flaked, slivered or ground up into a flour, there's no denying that almonds make a great addition to desserts. Here, we've gathered 24 of our best recipes that make the most of this nutty little favourite. From a decadent choc, almond and raspberry tart to light almond meringues, these tasty treats are sure to make winning desserts. Or, why not serve them up at morning tea for a delicious start to your day?

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  • Pistachio and almond cake 
with poached persimmons

    Wonderfully light and fragrant, this beautiful pistachio and almond cake goes perfectly topped with crunchy flaked almonds and sweet and syrupy persimmons. Your weekend baking project is sorted!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 21, 2016

  • Chocolate almond toffeecomb

    Chocolate and nuts are a match made in heaven. Especially when you add some ultra sweet toffee into the mix. This decadent treat is perfect for a weekend treat or a homemade gift for loved ones.

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  • Vegan mayonnaise

    This vegan mayonnaise is a delicious dairy and egg-free alternative to the classic.

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  • Vegan yoghurt

    This delicious vegan yoghurt is a healthy and nourishing alternative on the dairy classic.

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