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boiled date cake

Boiled date cake

This easy cake, made in a single saucepan, is delicious served warm with cream, custard or ice-cream, cold with butter, or just on its own.
2-in-1 basic fruit mix

2-in-1 basic fruit mix

A good pudding or Christmas cake relies on a nice boozy fruit mix. This recipe has the perfect balance and also serves as a delicious filling for your fruit mince pies.
Date scones

Date scones

These light, fluffy scones with the added sweetness of dates are perfect for a morning or afternoon snack.
Sticky Date Scones

Sticky date scones

Give your regular afternoon-tea fare a sweet lift with these sticky date scones. The butterscotch sauce adds a deliciously luscious note to this decadent treat. Enjoy.
oatmeal bliss balls

Snack ball recipes to fill up your lunchbox

If you're looking for a guilt-free treat for the kids' lunchboxes or just something a little cheeky to get you through the afternoon, these bite-sized snack balls are the ideal pick. Here, you'll find everything from healthy bliss balls and raw vegan options to classic rum-infused treats and decadent no-bake chocolate cake balls. Which easy recipe will you try first?
Choc-nut brownie balls

Choc-nut brownie balls

Grab one of these choc-nut brownie balls for a rich fudgy treat that's naturally sweetened with dates.
raw chocolate and goji berry bliss balls

Raw chocolate and goji berry bliss balls

These healthy vegan bliss balls get their sweetness from fresh dates and goji berries so you won't feel guilty popping one (or three) into your work lunchbox for an afternoon snack.