Quick And Easy

These quick & easy recipes guarantee a great feed with minimal fuss, perfect if you don't have the luxury of an empty day to cook up a storm.

Seafood chowder

We're on a seafood diet, see food - we eat it!

Test Kitchen|May 18, 2022

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  • No-bake Mars Bar slice

    Mars Bars are a classic treat and what better way to enjoy them than this quick and easy slice.

    Australian Women's Weekly|May 18, 2022

  • Mexican pulled pork

    Serve in tortillas topped with sour cream and coriander.

    Australian Women's Weekly|May 17, 2022

  • Chicken saltimbocca

    'Saltimbocca' is Italian for ‘jumps in the mouth’, and it isn't hard to see why! This chicken saltimbocca is easy to prepare and super delicious!

    Australian Women's Weekly|May 17, 2022