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How to make cauliflower mash

There’s nothing better than a bowl of creamy mash in winter, but you don’t just have to stick to potatoes!

You can use any kind of root veg; think parsnips, carrots, kumara, even celeriac.
Our all-time favourite though? A deliciously moreish cauliflower mash.
It has a much lower GI than potatoes but tastes just as gorgeous, and the kids will love it too.
Step 1: Cut a whole head of cauliflower into similarly sized florets so that they all cook evenly.
Step 2: In a medium saucepan, bring three-quarters of a cup of water of stock to a simmer, then add your cauliflower and simmer for a further six to eight minutes with the lid on, until it’s just tender.
Step 3: Use a stick blender to blend it in the pan until it’s really smooth; stir in a quarter of a cup of grated parmesan to the hot mash and season it to taste. For an indulgent touch, you can stir in a little cream here as well.
Serve your new favourite mash on top of a hearty cottage pie for a low-carb potato substitute, or alongside pork chops with blue cheese sauce – delicious!

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