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The easy way to line a baking tin

When you're making a cake, it's really important to make sure you always line your pan properly; this ensures that it will never stick, and you'll always get a beautiful, even crust.

1. Use softened butter to grease the pan, brushing it all over the base and sides. (It's better to use butter than cooking oil spray because it adheres better to the baking paper.)
2. For the sides of the pan, cut a long strip of baking paper and wrap it all the way around; it should be about 4cm higher than the pan.
3. Fold a two centimetre crease along one edge, snipping it with scissors to create a fringe. Wrap this strip around the inside of the pan, pressing the fringe around the base. Brush the fringe with a little more butter.
4. Using a pencil, trace around the base of the pan onto a sheet of baking paper.
5. Fold the paper in half twice, and cut around your traced line, before pressing it in to the base of the greased pan.

How to line a baking tin for a Christmas cake

If you're cooking a Christmas cake, you'll need more protection for your cake as it cooks for a much longer time. Taking a little extra time and effort at the start always ensures a perfect cake, every time.
1. Line the pan first with two layers of brown paper, using the same method; this is thicker and stronger, so will protect your cake from burning.
2. Add two more layers of baking paper.

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