10 sugar-free dipping sauces to make your next meal responsibly sweet

Instead of reaching for sugar-laden commercial sauces to drizzle over your steak or barbeque skewers this summer, create one of these low-carb condiments made with natural monkfruit sweetener.

There isn’t much in life that can’t be improved with the addition of a little bit (or a lot) of sauce. Problem is, sauces can often be heavily laden with sugar which isn’t great if you’re trying to watch your intake of the sweet white stuff, following a paleo diet or have other sugar-related concerns.

Women’s Weekly Food have partnered with the experts in responsibly sweet recipes, Lakanto, to bring you 10 of the best. Bring your meals to life with these…

These 10 classic sauces have been created using responsibly sweet Lakanto Monkfruit sweetener – a sugar-free natural sweetener with 93% less calories. All the flavour you’re after without the high calorie count meaning you can slather on sandwiches, drizzle on salads, pour over your favourite barbecued meats to your hearts content.


1/10 Mint sauce (Sugar Free)

Mint sauce (Sugar Free)

Slow-cooked lamb roast just isn’t the same without generous drizzle of tangy mint sauce. We’ve created this one with Lakanto Baking Blend so it’s suitable to enjoy on a keto diet. It tastes great on fresh peas and beans as well.


2/10 Sweet chilli and ginger sauce (98% sugar Free)

Sweet chilli and ginger sauce (98% sugar Free)

Potato wedges aren’t the same without a generous dollop of sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, but they’re generally off the menu if you’re watching your calories. This sweet chilli sauce has a delightful hint of ginger that works great in stir fries or charred corn too.


3/10 BBQ Sauce (99% Sugar-Free

BBQ Sauce (99% Sugar-Free)

Barbecue sauce is the ideal companion for sausage sizzles and chicken pizzas. Try this 99% sugar-free version that tastes just as good (or maybe better) than commercial brands.


4/10 Maple mustard dressing (99% Sugar Free)

Maple mustard dressing (99% Sugar Free)

It’s not just meat and stir-fries that get to have all the fun. We haven’t forgotten about salads and this maple mustard dressing made with Lakanto Maple Syrup lets you add life to your fresh green salads and roasted vegetables without spiking your blood sugar.


5/10 Tomato sauce (98% Sugar Free)

Tomato sauce (98% Sugar Free)

There is some time involved in making it but the rewards of home-made tomato sauce are well worth the efforts. You may never resort to the bottled stuff again. Smother it all over your favourites, why not start with a Devon sandwich (IYKYK).


6/10 Soy and garlic sticky glaze (95% Sugar Free)

Soy and garlic sticky glaze (95% Sugar Free)

Whether you prefer ribs or wings this soy and garlic sticky glaze is the ideal companion. Smother your favourite meat or barbeque some veg skewers in a sweet and salty sauce that is suitable for a range of different dietary needs. Whether you’re watching your sugars for medical reasons or a health kick – this one is sure to hit the spot.


Tomato ketchup

Tomato ketchup

Whether you’re spreading it on your favourite burger or a fresh batch of hot chips, tomato ketchup really is the ultimate must-have sauce. Cut down on sugar by using Lakanto Maple-flavoured Syrup to sweeten and you won’t be disappointed.


Coconut satay sauce

Coconut satay sauce

Smothered on grilled chicken skewers, this coconut satay sauce is absolutely moreish. Made with natural peanut butter, fish sauce and Lakanto Golden Monkfruit Sweetener for the right amount of sweetness with 93% less calories.


Honey chilli sauce

Honey chilli sauce

This slightly sweet and slightly spicy honey chilli sauce uses Lakanto Golden Malt syrup as a replacement for honey to create a sweet sensation that is ideal for serving with seafood and your favourite grilled chicken wraps that will not spike your blood sugars level.


Smokey barbecue sauce

Smokey barbecue sauce

When it comes to ribs, you can’t go past a slightly sweet, smokey barbecue sauce for the ultimate finger licking marinade and sauce. This low carb version ensures you can keep enjoying your favourite barbecue recipes while keeping your sugar intake down.

Brought to you by Lakanto.

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