Slow cooker soup recipes

Because the slow cooker is not just for casseroles and curries!
Bowl of pumpkin soup

When it comes to making rich, warming soups, nothing goes harder than your trusty slow cooker! Just throw the ingredients in and come back later to a hearty dinner with no sweat!

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Beef ramen with shiitake mushrooms

A fabulous slow cooker version of a Japanese classic.


curried lentil and tomato

Curried lentil and tomato soup

A delicious soup made in the slow cooker.


coconut pumpkin

Coconut pumpkin soup

Coconut milk, red chilli and coriander give this slow cooker pumpkin soup recipe a flavour boost.


Slow cooker vegetable minestrone

The king of winter soups, this slow-cooker vegetable minestrone is simple to make, comforting, hearty and delicious, especially when the weather is a little cooler.


Slow-cooker ribollita

Traditionally, this Tuscan ribollita recipe was a way to use up leftover minestrone by adding some extra ingredients for a fully-loaded hearty dinner.


Slow cooked pumpkin soup

Because how can we share slow cooker soup recipes and not include a pumpkin soup?


Chicken mulligatawny

An English take on a traditional Indian dish, chicken mulligatawny is a spicy, warming dish perfectly suited to a long slow stew in your slow cooker. Fun fact: “mulligatawny” is an English word that emerged from the Tamil name for the dish, “miḷagāy taṇṇi”, which means “pepper water”.


Slow cooker chicken and corn chowder

Thick, with soothing sweet corn and a creamy texture – this slow cooker chicken and corn chowder recipe is the ultimate winter warmer.


Cream of celeriac soup

Silky smooth and deeply nourishing, this cream of celeriac soup is lifted by lemon and chervil and finished with a drizzle of olive oil.


Cuban black bean soup

Enjoy delicious south-of-the-border flavours in this simple, but delicious, Cuban black bean soup that does not hold back on the spice!


Ham and cheese tortellini broth

Ham and cheese tortellini broth

A warming winter meal.


Spanish oxtail and chickpea soup

Slow cookers are ideal for tenderising tougher cuts of meat. Don’t believe us? Give this Spanish oxtail and chickpea soup a whirl!


Slow-cooker borscht

One of the most recognisable Eastern European dishes, borscht is a flavour-packed and striking dish to serve after a long stint in the slow cooker.


Slow cooker tomato soup with basil dumplings

The tender, basil dumplings in this slow cooked tomato soup recipe add a delightful bite to a classic dish.


Slow cooker chicken, porcini & barley soup

This slow cooker chicken, porcini & barley soup recipe is filled with warming earthy flavours that just intensify during the cooking process.


Beef and vegetable soup

Warm up the family with this hearty beef and vegetable soup on a cold winter’s night.


Chicken and mushroom soup

Warm up with this delicious chicken and mushroom soup – a true family favourite.


Cock-a-leekie soup

Cock-a-leekie soup is the playful name for this classic chicken and leek stew with a scattering of prunes for a surprising sweet edge.

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