10 powerful pulse recipes

Get your finger on the pulse.

How much do you know about pulses? Let’s start with the basics: Pulses are the edible seeds of legume plants, including everything from kidney beans to lentils, chickpeas, baked beans, and split peas. High in energy and low in fat, these small but mighty legumes are bursting with powerful nutritional benefits.

From breakfast to dinner, there’s a variety of healthy and delightful ways you can sneak pulses into your daily diet. Ahead of World Pulse Day on February 10th, we’ve compiled ten delicious recipes packed with — you guessed it — pulses.


Cheesy smoked baked beans with pumpkin

Sweet and savoury, this moreish vegetarian dish can be served at any time of the day. The baked beans and chickpeas are loaded with protein and fibre, whilst jap pumpkins — a variety of squash with edible skin — adds a sweet and nutty flavour. Don’t forget the smoked cheddar and torn garlic bread to satisfy all the senses.


Soba edamame salad

‘Keep it green’ seems to be the motto in the kitchen when it comes to this nourishing edamame salad. Edamame beans, avocado, snow peas, mint and a squeeze of lime juice create a zesty bowl of goodness laced with soba (thin Japanese noodles made from buckwheat). Plus, you can whip it up in under half an hour.


Bean salad with creamy basil dressing

Cherry tomatoes, rocket and pine nuts combine to produce a vibrant, fresh salad that’s easy on the eyes and your wallet. Butter beans and borlotti beans bring texture to the plate, while a homemade creamy basil dressing (simply made of oil, vinegars, basil leaves and cream) is the star ingredient.


Mediterranean chickpea stew

Chickpeas are a vegetarian’s best friend, as these little balls are high in protein and a rich source of vitamins and minerals. The nutty and grainy texture of chickpeas means it pairs well with a variety of cuisines… such as this comforting Mediterranean stew. Sprinkle with shaved parmesan cheese and parsley for a tasty lunch or dinner.


Chicken and broad bean rigatoni bake

Put a pulses twist on the classic Italian pasta bake. Broad beans, also known as fava beans, introduce a slightly sweet, earthy flavour to this cheesy recipe… and a variety of health benefits, as the green machines are even thought to improve motor function and immunity. Cooked in just under an hour, this filling rigatoni bake is the perfect midweek meal.


Roast cauliflower and lupin salad

Cauliflower is the chameleon of the vegetable kingdom. The versatile brassica can imitate buffalo wings, potato bake, rice, and makes the perfect addition to any salad. In this satisfying dish, cauliflower is cut into florets and roasted until golden, then paired with cooked lupin, pistachio, pepita and sultanas for a light lunch. Add homemade tahini dressing for the finishing touch.


Corn, zucchini and chickpea fritters

Crunchy vegetarian fritters can do no wrong; they are equally enjoyable as a light snack, in a wrap with tomato chutney, or served at dinner alongside a Greek salad. Our advice? Make them a day ahead, wrap in baking paper then reheat in a sandwich press.


Ultimate bean burger

Hot from the pan, these tasty burgers — complete with homemade veggie patties — are great for entertaining guests (or feeding a ravenous family). Stuffed with black beans and kidney beans, they’re also a healthier version of your classic beef burger.


Chickpea shakshuka

Spicy is this chickpea shakshuka’s middle name. Made with runny eggs, zesty tomatoes and tasty spices, this Moroccan-inspired breakfast dish is a great way to kickstart your day. If you like it hot, serve with chilli oil and mopping bread.


Mexican oat bowl

Have you ever seen oats in a Mexican meal? Traditional rolled oats make up the base of this delicious bowl, alongside sizzling chorizo, crispy oat chili oil, and crushed tomatoes. This unique recipe also includes two serves of pulses (black beans and red kidney beans), making it the perfect way to celebrate World Pulses Day.

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