Elevate your charcuterie night with these highest-rated cheese boards

These brie-long in your kitchen.

Though they may be called cheese boards, the versatility of these types of serving platters mustn’t go unappreciated. Think of hosting a cosy night in with your nearest friends… what is the first thing you pull out? A cheese board, of course, followed closely by wine. Covered to the edges with brie, camembert, gouda, prosciutto, salami, rice crackers, hummus, carrots, so on, and so on. They are a universal hit, and it’s customary to present the goods aesthetically on your best cheese serving board. Because is it really a 2024 charcuterie night if you didn’t document it with photos?

What is the 3 3 3 3 rule for charcuterie board?

While everyone’s charcuterie boards are presented uniquely – that is part of their charm – there is a general rule for crafting the best cheese serving board for a cosy night in, and that is the 3 3 3 3 rule. This suggests that the ideal cheese board will achieve harmony by containing three types of cheese, three meats, three starch options, and three accompaniments, (such as fruit, nuts or veggies). Do with that information what you will.

But before you even get to buying your ingredients and crafting your aesthetic arrangement, you need the best cheese serving board as a base. Below, we have rounded up some of the highest-rated cheese boards in Australia.

The best cheese serving boards to shop in 2024


Sherwood Housewares 4 Piece Small Cheese Knife & Board Set, $24.95, Temple & Webster

This chic wooden board with hidden knives serves your cheese with flair – be it a fancy dinner party or a cosy night in.


Lottie & Liv Engraved ‘Special Place’ Serving Board, $79.99, Hardtofind

If wood is not your style, this slate board with rope handles might have a place in your kitchen. In a neutral charcoal colour, it’s as easy to clean as it is to carry. And you can even engrave your initials into the surface.


Kordes Marble Cheese Board With Handle, $70.52 (usually $92.02), Amazon

With golden curved handles, transferring this wood and marble board from counter to table is as easy as pie – or cheese. Handcrafted and elegant, your charcuterie nights have never looked so good.


Georg Jensen Forma Serving Board Cheese Board, $250, David Jones

In a unique shape, this Danish oak serving board is made of polished and treated wood, making it as chic as it is practical – and a perfect guest for your next cocktail party.


Salt & Pepper Fromage 40cm Round Cheese Board, $29.98 (usually $59.95), Myer

In a warm tone, this Salt & Pepper round board is spacious and easy on the eyes, two things we love when it comes to our kitchenware.


Soren Acacia 60cm Lazy Susan, $49.95 (usually $129.95), Harris Scarfe

Never again sit on the ‘bad side’ of the table with this 360° rotating serving board. Constructed from Acacia timber, the surface is smooth and easy to clean, even after the largest gathering of cheese lovers.

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