Mini blueberry and banana bread loaves

These beautiful little loaves are miniature versions of our classic blueberry and banana bread recipe, perfect for lunchbox snacks or portion-controlled morning tea. Serve with a rich dollop of whipped blueberry ricotta cream.

Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 25, 2016

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  • Banoffee cupcakes

    Banoffee, or banana and toffee, is one of our favourite cupcake varieties. It tastes especially delicious when the caramel sauce is filled the whole way through, like in this beautiful recipe.

    Woman's Day|Sep 22, 2016

  • Spiced banana and peach slice

    We love making sweet slices because they're so versatile, and one of our favourite combinations is sweet banana and juicy peaches. Finish it off with a zesty lemon glaze for maximum flavour.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 05, 2016

  • Healthy recipes with bananas and snack ideas

    Packed full of natural energy and metabolism-loving potassium, bananas are an excellent ingredient to include in your every day diet. They're also naturally sweet, making the perfect alternative to refined sugar in your desserts. This collection of cakes, muffins, smoothies and ice-blocks honours the versatility of the banana and it's ability to transform many dishes into a sweet and fruity healthy treat.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Aug 24, 2016

  • Gluten-free banana and passionfruit bread

    This wonderfully sweet and fruity banana loaf tastes just as good as the normal version; you'd never know it was gluten-free! We love serving ours topped with a sweet and creamy passionfruit frosting for extra indulgence.

    Woman's Day|Aug 22, 2016

  • Banana chocolate chip drops

    These delicious and easy to make drops combine the flavours of banana and chocolate. For an extra taste sensation, eat these warm, straight from the oven.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Jul 01, 2016

  • Mashed banana, honey and raspberry roll up

    Naturally sweet and fruity, this quick and easy banana and raspberry wrap makes a healthy afternoon snack idea for your children. You could also pop it in their lunchbox for a school treat - they'll love it!

    Supplied|May 09, 2016

  • Chocolate and banana roll up

    The combination of fresh fruit and sweet chocolate will quickly become a favourite snack fpr your little ones. They're super quick to make, and can be enjoyed after school or as a lunchbox treat.

    Supplied|May 09, 2016

  • 24 brilliant banana recipes

    As Aussies, we know a thing or two about good banana recipes, so this collection of cakes, slices, pies and tarts is designed to showcase the versatility of this humble fruit. You'll find a couple of banana bread recipes for morning and afternoon tea, alongside decadent caramel and banana cakes and chocolate brownies for when you need to entertain. Plus, you'll find a banana and bacon fusion alongside a vegan banoffee pie to appeal to everyone's tastebuds - the options are endless!

    Now to love|Apr 20, 2016

  • Banana, coffee and walnut cake with caramel sauce

    Treat yourself to a little something with your next cuppa - guilt free! This delicious banana, coffee and walnut cake contains all-natural sweeteners for a morning tea snack you won't regret.

    Take 5|Feb 29, 2016

  • Banoffee trifle

    Combining the flavours of caramel toffee, fresh banana and thickened cream, these banoffee trifle dessert jars are ready in just 10 minutes to make the perfect quick indulgence.

    Recipes Plus|Dec 16, 2015

  • Banana and choc-almond toastie

    Rise and shine with these decadent and wholesome banana and choc-almond toasties - a perfect start to the morning!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 22, 2015

  • Banana mummies

    These delicious banana mummies treats are perfect for Halloween! Delicious banana coated​ in decadent dark chocolate - a match made in Halloween heaven!

    Recipes Plus|Oct 22, 2015