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chicken, silver beet and egg pides

Chicken, silverbeet and egg pides


Crispy noodle and silverbeet salad

Silverbeet, shallots, carrot and mushrooms can be combined several hours ahead. Keep covered in refrigerator. Add dressing and noodles just before serving. Note
Thai-style steamed chicken with noodles

Thai-style steamed chicken with noodles

Steaming this Thai-style chicken draws the flavour of the seasoning right into the flesh of the fillet. If the silver beet leaves are small, use two per chicken breast. If kaffir lime leaves are unavailable, use 2 teaspoons of finely grated lime rind.
Hearty tomato and chorizo soup

Hearty tomato and chorizo soup

There's nothing like a bowl of proper, hearty soup on a cold day and this tomato and chorizo soup has all the warming power you're looking for.
silver beet 'risotto'

Silverbeet ‘risotto’

You will need about 1 bunch of silver beet for this recipe. Silver beet is high in non-haeme iron, which is important in a vegetarian diet. Iron from plant sources isn’t absorbed as well as haeme iron from meat. Including vitamin C either in the dish (we used lemon juice in this recipe) or with […]