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The Australian Women's Weekly Chinese Cooking Class Recipes

Remember these retro recipes from The Weekly's 'Chinese Cooking Class' cookbook? From a gorgeous collectors' edition, these favourites will taste just as good today as when they were first printed. Choose from ginger beef, lemon chicken and a gorgeous array of spring rolls and soups for an easy, delicious and winning midweek dinners the entire family will adore.

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    Chicken and corn soup

    A light and clear traditional Chinese soup, your dinner guests will love this delicious chicken and corn soup, straight from The Australian Women's Weekly vintage cookbooks.

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    Sweet and sour pork

    Sweet and sour pork is undoubtedly one of the most colourful of all Chinese dishes; try this delicious version from The Australian Women's Weekly vintage cookbooks.

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    Spring rolls

    A delicious Chinese spring roll recipe, straight from The Australian Women's Weekly cookbook archives.

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    Chicken and almonds

    A classic Chinese stir-fry, chicken with almonds is flavoured with soy and spiked with sherry.

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    Beef with black bean sauce

    Straight from The Australian Women's Weekly cookbook archives, try this deliciously tasty beef with black bean sauce recipe for an easy midweek meal.

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    Ginger beef

    This light, flavourful ginger beef stir fry from a vintage edition of The Australian Women's Weekly cookbooks will make a wonderful family meal.

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    Chinese custard tarts

    These silky egg tarts are consumed all year round in China, and are a familiar addition to any Dim Sum dessert trolley. And for good reason, they're delicious!

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  • 9

    Chinese vegetables

    Because cooking time is so short, these Chinese vegetables are crisp, colourful, and full of flavour.

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    Lemon chicken

    With subtle Oriental flavouring, try this delicious lemon chicken recipe for a light and flavourful family dinner.

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