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Women's Weekly's best bruschetta recipes

Bruschetta is a perfect dish to serve as a starter, finger food at a cocktail party, or as its own meal piled high with poached eggs, haloumi or pumpkin.

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    The beauty of this bruschetta recipe lies in the simple combination of fresh ingredients. This dish is a popular addition to any anti pasta plate, or delicious on its own.

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    Tomato bruschetta

    No antipasto plate is complete without a serving of bruschetta. This tomato version may look simple, but the addition of fresh herbs and mozzarella take this classic dish to new heights.

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    Haloumi and avocado bruschetta

    Excite your taste buds with this fresh and delicious haloumi and avocado bruschetta. It makes a brilliant snack, light lunch or dinner or starter to a dinner spread.

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    Poached egg and avocado bruschetta

    This light, low GI, avocado and herb salad, sourdough bruschetta, is a perfect dish for brunch, or for an afternoon snack. This recipe is suitable for diabetics.

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    Mushroom and spinach bruschetta

    Bruschetta is an antipasto, or starter, from Italy that like so many other Italian delights has been adopted by the rest of the world! This spinach and mushroom version is simple but yummy.

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    Bruschetta with strawberry, banana and ricotta

    This beautiful sweet bruschetta recipe combines fresh strawberries and bananas, creamy ricotta cheese and sticky honey to create the ultimate indulgent breakfast, brunch or dessert.

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    Bruschetta niçoise

    The classic French flavours of salade niçoise work wonderfully as a topping for this speedy bruschetta.

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    Field mushroom bruschetta

    These big, meaty mushrooms topped with fetta make a delicious and protein-packed meal. Serve as a starter for a dinner party, finger food ... or treat yourself to a quick nutritious lunch.

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    Egg and ham bruschetta

    Whip up this breakfast bruschetta in no time at all, packed full of goodness to fuel you for a big day ahead. Creamy avocado, fresh eggs and crispy ham make this just as tasty as it is nutritious.

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    Mediterranean vegetable and haloumi bruschetta

    Serve up this delicious Mediterranean style bruschetta at your next gathering. Haloumi is a cheese that just begs to be grilled, and combined with tomatoes, basil and capers it is out of this world.

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    Mushrooms on bruschetta

    These are a delicious way to start off a feast. Dried porcini mushrooms have an intense, woody, savoury flavour, but if they're beyond your budget, the dish will still taste great without them. In place of porcini liquid, finish it off with a little stock or white wine.

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    Smoked salmon bruschetta

    Serve this delicious smoked salmon bruschetta to your guests at your next gathering. Topped with a sprig of fresh dill, and served with a glass of bubbles, they will be sure to please.

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