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16 delicious recipes to use up your forgotten food

Don’t throw away forgotten food in your fridge, try some of these simple ideas to reduce waste and save you money!

When making the most of your leftovers, you'll notice the benefits are twofold; not only will you save money, you'll see a reduction in your food wastage. But if you're at a loss as to what to do with those odd bits of food left in the fridge, these tasty recipes are sure to inspire. You'll find pasta packed with stray pieces of cheese, a pie that will make the most of your leftover curry paste and even a dish that uses whole radishes - yes, even their tops! So, let's start clearing out that kitchen...
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    Leftover soup risotto

    We're giving a new life to the otherwise forgotten leftover homemade soup in the back of the fridge, plus using up that parsley lurking in your vegie crisper. You could also use leftover thyme or chives.

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    Leftover lamb pot pies with mushy peas

    These hearty lamb shank and potato pies are the perfect way to use up leftover meat and vegies from a roast dinner. Serve them warm, fresh out from the oven, with a generous dollop of minted mushy peas.

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    Half-jar curry paste chickpea and pumpkin pie

    This pie is great to use up ends of vegetables in your crisper, pop in some chopped zucchini, red capsicum or carrot, and of course, you can use any jar of left-over curry pate in this dish.

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    Leftover roast vegetable quiche

    We're using up those pesky odds and ends of roast vegetables by turning them into a delicious quiche. You could also use leftover grated cheddar or crumbled feta to scatter over the top of the quiche.

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    Pasta with radishes and their tops

    This wholesome, delicious pasta dish embodies the sustainability concept of root to leaf eating, where nothing goes to waste.

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    Chicken and black bean chilli

    We've taken Sunday night's roast chicken and transformed it into a punchy chilli dish that's on the table in under 30 minutes. You could also use leftover roast pork.

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    Lamb, zucchini and feta burgers

    Put that small amount of forgotten mince in the back of the freezer to good use with these patties. You could use beef, chicken or turkey mince for these patties, if preferred.

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    Middle Eastern-style warm salad

    We're tidying up the pantry to get rid of those half-used opened packets of dried fruits and nuts in this recipe. You could also use pistachios or hazelnuts.

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    Easy chicken fried rice

    Looking to use up leftover rice? Here's a quick way to turn leftover rice into a delicious, nutritious, Asian-inspired meal - and it works best with rice that's been pre-cooked.

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    Potato and cauliflower hash

    This is a meal for when you can't get to the shops and there's not much left in the fridge. A few potatoes and bacon rashers, some cauliflower that needs eating and those great stand-bys pasta and eggs and a fast, filling and family-friendly lunch or dinner is served!

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    Creamy cheese ends and wilted salad pasta

    They might not be fresh enough to be the hero of a salad, but slightly wilted greens are perfect to toss through pasta to add nutrition and bulk, while any leftover blue cheese would add extra bite.

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    Leftovers pate

    Make the most of your leftovers and create this divine, silky smooth pate. Serve pate as part of a ploughman's lunch with bread, cheddar and watercress, or with crackers for a wonderful finger food.

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    Leftover cereal slice

    Attention all budget-savvy bakers! This crunchy, chocolately slice is a genius way of using up leftover cereal.

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