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20 vegan dessert recipes

When you're following a plant-based diet that excludes all animal products, it can be difficult to find dessert recipes that'll satisfy your sweet tooth. Luckily, we've taken all the hard work out and pulled together a selection of our best vegan desserts for your enjoyment. You'll find everything from creamy cheesecakes (without the cheese, of course) to fudgy chocolate and coconut slices. For something warmer, try our crispy coconut fritters or banana doughnuts, then cool down with a gin and watermelon sorbet or roasted rhubarb popsicle.

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    Earl grey and chocolate cheesecake

    This vegan cheesecake contains no actual cheese, instead it is based on nuts, which provides a wonderful, natural richness and flavour. The combination of fragrant earl grey tea and chocolate is utterly irresistible.

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    Ginger, coconut and almond slice

    Ginger slice lovers rejoice! This delicious vegan friendly slice is layered with creamy coconut and topped roasted flake almonds and crystallized ginger.

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    Choc-cherry coconut bars

    Cherry, coconut, dark chocolate delight! This divine choc-cherry vegan slice will have you craving for more, after just one bite!

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    Turkish delight choc chia pudding

    Enjoy all the taste without of this delicious pudding without any refined sugar! Amanda Brocket shares her recipe from The Raw Food Kitchen Book.

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    Vegan banoffee pie

    Calling all Banoffee Pie lovers! This rich, indulgent banana and maple pie is fully vegan and absolutely delicious!

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    Hummingbird cashew cake

    This delightfully sweet and humble hummingbird cashew cake is packed with wholesome, nutritional ingredients and full of decadent flavour! Perfect accompaniment with your morning cuppa!

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  • 12

    Roasted fig raspberry tart

    This gorgeous tart from Amy Chaplin's 'At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen' by Amy Chaplin is a quick, fuss-free, easily adaptable dessert, perfect to serve at a summer dinner party. The toasted almond and salt-kissed crust, maple roasted figs and fresh raspberries topped with organic whipped cream is an all-round hit.

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    Ginger, pear and pistachio crumbles

    No need to feel guilty about having dessert! This delicious pear and nut crumble can be adapted for vegan and paleo diets.

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  • 14

    Gin watermelon sorbet

    Sweet, refreshing, and a little bit naughty - this fresh Gin watermelon sorbet is the perfect summer treat!

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  • 16

    Crumpets with rhubarb compote

    Indulge in these delicious crumpets with sweet rhubarb compote - perfect for breakfast, dessert, or as a decadent treat.

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  • 17

    Raspberry ripple sweetcorn ice-cream

    This healthy non-dairy ice-cream is made with corn, which provides a natural creaminess and sweetness. Expect the ice-cream to be slightly more icy as a result!

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  • 19

    Berry and coconut chia puddings

    This berry and coconut chia puddings are naturally sweet and packed full of the goodness of chia seeds to keep you fueled for the day. Enjoy a little pot for breakfast, dessert or a mid-morning snack.

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  • 20

    Strawberries and Cream Raw Cheesecake

    Can you imagine devouring a slice of rich, creamy cheesecake and feeling nothing but pleased with yourself? When it’s made solely with raw ingredients and contains no wheat, sugar or dairy, you can afford to be the smuggest hedonist in town

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