Tomatoes 10 ways: Pick and Mix-a-Mato recipe transformers

Add a burst of flavour, colour and flair to your meals with this medley of tomato goodness.

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If you're unfamiliar with Mix-a-Mato, let's explain what the fuss is about...
A carnival of colour, every Mix-a-Mato punnet contains a selection of seasonal favourites such as Petite Tomatoes, cherry, Grape Kumato, golden grape, and Romatherapy baby roma tomatoes. The mix of tomatoes varies throughout the seasons to ensure each pack contains the best and brightest varieties.
Bursting with sweet, juicy flavours they're also full of natural antioxidants and low in calories, fat and sugar. A healthy and vibrant addition to just about any brekkie, lunch, dinner… or snack!
Here are 10 simple ways to cook, prepare and devour these tiny-but-tasty tomatoes…
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