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Our favourite traditional Christmas recipes

Nostalgia awaits.

While everyone has their own idea of how a Christmas lunch should be, there are a few classics that make the cut on most family's tables each year. We've pulled together a collection of our most delicious recipes for the holiday season, channelling flavours that will bring a sense of nostalgia and joy. From our marmalade glazed ham and stuffed roast turkey, to our boiled fruit pudding and creamy pavlova, these recipes are guaranteed to delight your loved ones this year.
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    Maple-glazed baby carrots

    Gorgeously sweet orange and maple glazed baby carrots. The perfect accompaniment for your next dinner party.

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    Beef rib roast with spiced salt

    Spice up your beef rib roast, the king of roasts, with spiced salt and serve with luscious garlic mayonnaise on the side.

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    Roast pork with cranberry sauce

    This delicious cranberry and pistachio stuffed pork is tender on the inside, crispy on the outside, creating the perfect balance of flavours and textures for a roast dinner or Christmas lunch.

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    Fruit cake and eggnog cheesecake

    With a fruitcake base, creamy cheesecake filling and fruit topping drizzled with toffee, this Christmas dessert is a wonderfully decadent treat.

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    Roast vitello tonnato

    Vitello tonnato is a well-known Italian veal dish accompanied with a tuna mayonnaise. It is usually served cold or at room temperature, making the perfect appetiser for a Christmas lunch.

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    Roasted goose with spiced apples and onions

    This deliciously tender roast goose recipe is stuffed with a pisatchio and fig stuffing, perfectly balancing sweet and nutty. It's the perfect meal for a special occasion like Christmas.

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    Pavlova with berries and cream

    Named after the Russian ballerina, the pavlova is a familiar and well loved Antipodean dessert. You can experiment with all kinds of fruit toppings, but berries and cream is always a winner.

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    Classic roast chicken with gravy

    This classic French technique for roasting chicken keeps it moist and succulent while also making sure you end up with browned, crispy skin.

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    Chocolate chestnut cake

    This gorgeous layered cake is the perfect balance of sweet and nutty. It's the perfect celebratory cake to serve at Christmas time.

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    Ginger marmalade glazed ham

    Ginger marmalade and ginger ale offer this ham glaze a wonderful hint of spice, while brown sugar and maple syrup impart a lovely caramel colour.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    Individual boiled Christmas puddings

    Nothing says the festive season quite like Christmas pudding - dense, moist and loaded with delicious dried fruit.

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    Cherry, walnut and feta salad

    Indulge in the delicious combination of cherry, walnut and feta in this fresh wholesome salad - a perfect addition to Christmas lunch this year!

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    Rabbit and hazelnut terrine

    Tender and flavoursome rabbit and hazelnut terrine - the perfect addition to your next dinner party or afternoon tea!

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    The great Australian Christmas pudding

    Traditionally, Australians cooked English-style puddings at Christmas but, although we love them, a lighter pudding is more suited to a hot climate; hence the Great Australian Christmas Pudding was created ­ light, creamy and cool.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    Prosciutto-wrapped turkey breast

    Wrapping a turkey breast in prosciutto before roasting it helps keep the meat tender and juicy as well as adding lots of flavour to the finished dish.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    Women's Weekly's Christmas Yule log cake

    Women's Weekly's Yule log cake recipe is perfect for celebrating the Christmas season - delicious vanilla cake filled with hazelnut cream and decorated with chocolate ganache.

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    Spanish-style barbecue leg of lamb

    This deliciously tender piece of lamb is cooked using traditional Spanish flavours, combining salty chorizo and fragrant garlic and thyme to create a memorable dish for a roast dinner or Christmas lunch.

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