Kale and quinoa frittata

Kale and quinoa frittata

This kale and quinoa frittata recipe is featured in Dr Joanna McMillan's book - Brain Food. This dish is an excellent way to load up on healthy green veggies, loaded with Vitamin A and caretenoids for eye health.

Australian Women's Weekly|Jan 10, 2019

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  • Sage & zucchini-wrapped haloumi salad

    Sage & zucchini-wrapped haloumi salad

    This wrapped-haloumi salad recipe includes fragrant sage and tender zucchini for a tasty vegetarian lunch or side dish.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jan 09, 2019

  • Vegetable pan bagnat

    Vegetable pan bagnat

    The pan bagnat (pronounced with a French accent, more like "pahn bahn-yuh") is a classic sandwich from Nice (pronounced like "niece") and features many ingredients familiar to us from the popular salad Niçoise.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 25, 2018

  • Zucchini slice with simple garden salad

    Zucchini slice

    Super-healthy and versatile, this zucchini slice is perfect as a side dish, a main served with a fresh Greek salad and crusty bread, or chilled in tomorrow's lunchbox.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 22, 2018


    Zucchini and corn muffins

    These tasty muffins make a brilliant after school snack, or light lunchbox filler. The combination of fresh zucchini, sweet corn and salty cheddar works perfectly together to create these moreish treats.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 08, 2018

  • Roast vegetables with basil and feta polenta

    Roast vegetables with basil and feta polenta

    Deliciously tender roast vegetables with a creamy basil and feta polenta. This winning combination is perfect for a healthy meat-free meal any night of the week.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 13, 2018

  • Zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta and lemon in a steamer basket

    Lemon and ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers

    Steaming allows these zucchini flowers to retain their firm texture and mild nutty flavour, partnered with creamy ricotta and zesty lemon.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 11, 2018

  • Zucchini and cheese fritters

    Zucchini and cheese fritters

    These hot and crunchy fritters make for the best snacks. Serve them with your favourite dip for a delicious lunch-box treat.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 11, 2018

  • zucchini tomato pizza topping

    Zucchini and tomato pizza

    Skip the takeaway and whip up your own homemade pizza instead. Not only is it healthier, but you'll also have the satisfaction of having nailed the perfect pizza dough. Let's get cooking!

    Woman's Day|Jan 22, 2018

  • easy gnocchi recipe

    Zucchini and almond gnocchi

    Creamy potato gnocchi is here teamed with slices of garlicky zucchini, toasted almonds and crispy bacon for the ultimate combination of flavour, texture and nutrition.

    Woman's Day|Jan 08, 2018

  • ham and egg pie

    Zucchini ham and egg pie

    Accompanied with steamed peas and onion chutney, this tasty ham, egg and couscous pie will be a welcome addition to your dinner repertoire.

    Woman's Day|Jan 08, 2018

  • zucchini panzanella

    Fish with zucchini panzanella

    A fabulous fish dish with a grilled veggie salad, this budget-friendly recipe is perfect for summer.

    Woman's Day|Jan 07, 2018

  • miso rice bowl

    Zucchini miso rice bowl

    This tasty bowl sure packs a nutritional punch! With high-in-fibre brown rice, protein-packed steak and a healthy serve of veg, it makes a great pick for easy family dinners that will satisfy.

    Woman's Day|Jan 07, 2018