Tuna salad sushi bowl

Love sushi but hate the roll? Save time tonight with this quick and delicious tuna salad sushi bowl!

Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 25, 2018

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    These delicious tuna sushi style sandwiches are perfect for a kids' lunchbox or light snack with drinks.

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    Veg it up! Replace the fish with a thin plain omelette or slices of marinated tofu.

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  • Hand-moulded sushi

    It's important to be precise when making proper sushi. Don't make the pieces too big; each should only make a single mouthful. If correctly formed, hand-moulded sushi should be able to be eaten upside down using fingers, or on its side if eaten with chopsticks; it's the fish and not the rice which is to be dipped in soy sauce.

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  • Sushi salad

    This delicious sushi salad not only looks beautiful, it also allows you to enjoy the freshness and taste of sushi without the bother involved in assembling this traditional Japanese delicacy.

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