Kale and quinoa frittata

This kale and quinoa frittata recipe is featured in Dr Joanna McMillan's book - Brain Food. This dish is an excellent way to load up on healthy green veggies, loaded with Vitamin A and caretenoids for eye health.

Australian Women's Weekly|Jan 10, 2019

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  • Pork and fennel sausage pasta

    Tingle your tastebuds with this spicy pasta dish, brimming with juicy pork and fennel sausage.

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  • Pesto skirt steak

    Skirt steak is renowned for its juicy, bursting flavour and combined pesto it's one beef recipe you're sure to use again.

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  • Lamb shanks with risoni and tomato

    Meaning "big rice" in Italian, risoni is pasta shaped like long grain rice. It blends beautifully with these fragrantly slow-cooked lamb shanks.

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  • Prosciutto-wrapped turkey with pears

    This succulent oven-roasted turkey with salty prosciutto is served with tenderly cooked pears and a sauce made from sour, fruity juices. It's sure top enliven any festive feast.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 29, 2014