Serves 1

Scrambled eggs

Get cracking on breakfast.

Australian Women's Weekly|Nov 04, 2021

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  • Thai chicken noodle soup

    This Thai chicken noodle soup is full of all those lovely and distinctive Asian flavours and will not fail to please. Best of all, you can be enjoying a steaming bowl in under 15 minutes. What's not to love?

    Australian Women's Weekly|May 31, 2011

  • Orange and ginger juice

    Give your morning pick-me-up orange juice a little extra zing with the addition of ginger. You'll be treating yourself to a hefty dose of vitamin C and manganese. Plus, it tastes great.

    Australian Women's Weekly|May 31, 2011

  • Vodka martini

    This classic cocktail is snazzy and iconic as it is constantly referenced in pop culture. Bring a little of that suave to your next cocktail party, or even for a cozy stay-at-home drink with a friend or partner.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Nov 30, 2010