Bread and butter pudding

A moist and tender pudding freckled with golden sultanas. Tastes heavenly with a drizzle of runny cream.

Australian Women's Weekly|Feb 18, 2020

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  • Beef Wellington

    Tender beef wrapped in flaky puff pastry - what more could you ask for?

    Australian Women's Weekly|Dec 17, 2019

  • Moist Christmas cake

    Rich, moist, fruity and fragrant with brandy, this moist Christmas cake is best served with a cup of tea or a mug of good coffee. The fruit mixture can be used as a base for puddings or a filling for mince pies.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Nov 28, 2019

  • Banoffee pie

    Ah, banoffee pie! The combination of banana, caramel and cream is irresistible in this crowd-pleasing pie.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Nov 14, 2019

  • Cottage pie

    Transport yourself back to those family dinners with a hearty beef and veg filling and a cheesy mashed potato topping. Cottage pie is the ultimate savoury comfort food, so go on, treat yourself.

    Australian Women's Weekly|May 15, 2019

  • Chocolate dip shortbread

    Dip chocolate into homemade shortbread and you have a yummy treat for morning or afternoon tea, a picnic dessert or a welcome addition to a school or work lunchbox.

    Test Kitchen|Dec 30, 2014

  • Spiced plum and port jam

    Home made preserves are so very simple to make, and there's so much pleasure to be had from eating jam you made yourself.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Feb 15, 2012

  • Toad in the hole

    From the great British repertoire of recipes with amusing names comes one of the top contenders, toad in the hole. The link between the name and a dish of sausages cooked in batter is obscure, but that doesn't stop it being a tasty, filling plate of comfort food.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jun 30, 2011

  • Baked fig pudding

    As the weather cools off, a luscious hot dessert really hits the spot. This baked pudding is simple and tasty - a fine old-fashioned treat.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jun 13, 2011

  • Bread and butter pudding with banana and almonds

    Bread and butter pudding is as old as the hills and it's great for using up stale bread. There are many different ways of making it. This recipe is a bit of a departure from the traditional, with the addition of bananas.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jun 13, 2011

  • Scottish shortbread

    Originating in Scotland, shortbread has become very popular in many parts of the globe and is now eaten all year. Enjoy the crumbly, golden biscuit with a mug of your favourite brew.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Apr 30, 2011

  • Chicken with leeks and artichokes

    This slow-cooker chicken with leeks and artichokes is succulent and gorgeous served on a bed of mashed potatoes and drizzled with the cooking juices.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Feb 22, 2011