Rum and raisin chocolate slice

With a hint of rum, this delectable slice strikes the right balance between crunchy and chewy - perfect with a coffee for your 3pm pick-me-up. Even better? It's gluten-free, so no-one will miss out.

Australian Women's Weekly|Aug 22, 2017

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  • Women's Weekly Vintage Edition: Garibaldi slice

    "These biscuits were unkindly called 'squashed flies' by children; this was probably due to the appearance and slightly acid flavour of the filling." This classic from The Australian Women's Weekly cookbooks will still go down a treat!

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  • Rum and raisin fudge

    The timeless combination of rich rum and sweet, juicy raisins is brought to life with decadent caramel notes in this beautiful fudge. Serve sliced straight from the fridge for a beautiful afternoon treat.

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  • Raisin and honey oat bread

    There is nothing quite like the smell and taste of raisin bread with lashings of melted butter. Try this honey and oat version for something different this weekend.

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  • Rum and raisin damper

    Give this traditional Aussie bread a boozy, fruity makeover with this rum and raisin damper recipe. Cooked in a campfire oven or in the comfort of your kitchen, it's the real deal. Serve piping hot with lashings of butter.

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  • Apple and raisin french toast

    Here, French toast gets a whole new look, and it’s bound to be a hit with young and old alike.

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