Turmeric veg with sauerkraut hummus

The ultimate nutrient-packed lunch bowl! Fresh vegies, sauerkraut, nuts & seeds and a vibrant sauerkraut hummus sauce make it hearty and flavorful.

Australian Women's Weekly|Mar 12, 2020

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  • Za'atar snapper with quinoa tabbouleh

    Delicate snapper seasoned with za'atar pairs perfectly with the Middle-Eastern flavours of a fresh quinoa tabbouleh.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Mar 05, 2020

  • Chicken, quinoa and witlof salad

    This chicken and quinoa salad is a fantastic energy-boosting lunch with crunchy hazelnuts and green apple.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jan 29, 2020

  • Mediterranean grain salad

    If you're looking for a healthy salad with a difference, try this Cypriot-inspired Mediterranean grain salad packed with lentils, brown rice, quinoa, seeds, nuts and fresh herbs.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Dec 17, 2019

  • Quinoa porridge

    Healthy, warming and packed full of goodness, this gluten-free porridge is made with the naturally low GI quinoa to create a nutty, textural breakfast. It's beautiful topped with fresh fruit and nuts.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 16, 2018

  • Green quinoa with sesame eggs

    This delicious green quinoa with sesame eggs dish is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Full of health boosting superfoods, and fresh delicious flavours - you simply can't go wrong!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 04, 2018

  • Corn, quinoa and tofu balls with minty cream

    For a deliciously healthy twist on the classic meatballs recipe, why not try this vegetarian recipe? Our tasty baked corn, quinoa and tofu balls are packed full of protein for a delicious and nutritious dinner.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 19, 2016

  • Healthy quinoa salad recipes

    This naturally gluten-free ancient grain is a brilliant addition to so many of our dishes, adding a good serving of plant-based protein to both sweet and savoury dishes. This collection of recipes honours its ability to take salads from bland to brilliant, with our deliciously healthy lunch options. From meat-free roasted vegetable dishes, to those loaded with tender grilled chicken or tuna, quinoa adds a lovely nutty texture that will fill you up, keep your muscles strong and your tastebuds happy.

    Now to love|Sep 06, 2016