Churros with hot chocolate

There is some debate about the origins of this delightful doughnut-like sweet. Some say Spanish or Portuguese, some say South American. We're just happy they were invented at all, because life is just a little bit sweeter with churros.

Australian Women's Weekly|Nov 11, 2018

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  • Quick peri peri chicken

    Spicy, tender and bursting with flavour, this Portuguese favourite can now be enjoyed every night with our easy recipe. With just five minutes of prep time needed, you're sure to come back to this one!

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  • Perfect Portuguese recipes for dinner and dessert

    Portuguese chicken is a favourite, but there is so much more to this fiery cuisine than just the classics. From amazing seafood dishes such as a traditional caldeirada branco to the chicken we all know and love, these Portuguese recipes are sure to spice up your daily dinner routine. We've even included some fantastic desserts for the perfect finish to your meal. Dig in!

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  • Portuguese piri piri chicken

    Satusfy your tastebuds with this deliciouslyu tender Portuguese piri piri chicken! A dinner the whole family will love.

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  • Peri peri coconut chicken curry

    Spicy, succulent and oh-so-scrumptious! Take your taste buds around the world with this tasty peri peri coconut chicken curry - perfect for dinner any night of the week!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Aug 03, 2015