Classic trifle

It doesn't feel like Christmas without this classic treat on the table.

Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 20, 2020

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  • Peach galette

    Thin, crisp pastry topped with succulent fresh peaches and apricot jam makes for a delectable dessert.

    Australian Women's Weekly|May 31, 2020

  • Peach Melba

    It's as peachy delicious as its name and pedigree would suggest.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Feb 25, 2020

  • Roast pork wreath with stone fruit

    Add a special touch to your Christmas table with this charming roast pork and stone fruit arrangement.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Nov 27, 2019

  • Grilled saganaki cheese with grilled peaches & honey

    Taking its name from the two-handled pan in which it's traditionally cooked, this grilled haloumi recipe makes for succulent and sweet dish that will delight the cheese-lover in your life.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jan 09, 2019

  • Summer salad of peaches and blueberries

    Team your favourite fresh summer fruit with creamy ricotta, fresh spinach leaves, basil and chilli for a unique, delicious side dish for any outdoor gathering.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jan 17, 2018

  • Peach Melba cheesecake

    This classic creamy cheesecake is topped with sweet and syrupy poached peaches for a delightful summer dessert you'll crave after every dinner.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Feb 13, 2017

  • 20 easy desserts with fresh peaches

    We're peachy keen on stone fruits this summer and with peaches in season until April, now is the time to make the most of this velvety fruit. So forget using the tinned variety, we've gathered together our favourite desserts that call for only the freshest peaches. From a classic peach melba to sensational tarts and gorgeous pavlovas, these sweet and easy recipes are the perfect way to finish off your meal.

    Now to love|Dec 22, 2016

  • Sensational stone fruit desserts for summer

    With summer well and truly upon us, it's time to crack into the season's extraordinary fruit offerings. We've rounded up our best desserts using only the freshest stone fruits that are perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth. From tantalising tarts to cherry cheesecakes and beautiful baked peaches, there's something to complete any summer entertaining menu. For those who want to treat themselves without the guilt, we've even included a sugar-free option. Simply divine!

    Now to love|Dec 14, 2016

  • Spiced banana and peach slice

    We love making sweet slices because they're so versatile, and one of our favourite combinations is sweet banana and juicy peaches. Finish it off with a zesty lemon glaze for maximum flavour.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 05, 2016

  • Peach, papaya and raspberry crush

    Ice ice cold... baby. Refreshing and delicious smoothie with papaya, peaches and raspberries - perfect for summer!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 23, 2015