Kale, orange and toasted mixed seed salad

Need a healthy, vegan lunch idea? This delicious salad from The Australian Women's Weekly's 'Vegan Kitchen' cookbook is packed with kale, blood orange and chickpeas and can be ready in 20 minutes.

Australian Women's Weekly|Apr 21, 2017

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  • Fennel baby cakes

    These bite-sized cakes from are served with dollops of fennel seed frosting and make a quirky addition to your dessert repertoire.

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  • Sweet pea, cinnamon and orange cake

    Citrus-lovers will adore this sweet pea and orange cake layered with decadent orange buttercream. Indulging in this one is an utter delight.

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  • Orange cake recipe collection

    For those of us who love desserts but prefer something not-too-sweet, you can't go past a beautiful orange cake. They're wonderfully moist and fluffy, but the addition of fresh citrus fruits gives them a lovely zest that cuts through the richness. This recipe collection is full of every kind of orange cake you could ever want, from choc-orange mousse cakes, to drizzly syrup cakes and a creamy chiffon recipe. Take a flick through and see what catches your eye for dessert this weekend.

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  • Mulled “wine” mocktail

    Indulge alcohol-free with the delicious taste of this mulled “wine” mocktail.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 07, 2015

  • Orange and pomegranate steamed puddings

    These tangy steamed puddings are a delightful after dinner treat. They can also be made ahead and reheated. And they are suitable for diabetics.

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  • Fig and orange blossom rice pudding

    This low-GI rice pudding is enhanced by the flavour of caramelised​ figs and the zest of orange. Serve with drizzled honey, nuts and mint. It's perfect for diabetics too.

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  • Julie Goodwin's jaffa pancakes

    Rise and shine with Julie Goodwin's jaffa pancakes! These heavenly treats are sweet, fluffy and delicious, and better yet, are super easy to make!

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  • Orange almond Victoria sponge

    This wonderfully fluffy cake with its citrus undertones and indulgent almond exterior is truly worthy of its royal name.

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  • Honey muscat syrup cake

    Drizzled with a creamy yoghurt topping and sticky orange syrup, this honey muscat syrup cake is simply irresistible! Enjoy a little slice of heaven with your morning cuppa.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Aug 12, 2015

  • Wonderful winter salad recipes

    Salads aren't just for the warmer weather; in fact, winter salads that make use of fresh, seasonal produce are some of our favourites. Look for roasted veg like pumpkin and beetroot, Brussels sprouts and carrots for a heartier, season-appropriate version of your lunchtime staple, and don't forget to add plump, juicy citrus fruits for a truly delicious meal!

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