Apricot choc-chip muesli bars

Apricot choc-chip muesli bars

Divine apricot muesli bars packed full of delicious chocolatey chunks - the perfect morning snack for an instant energy boost!

Australian Women's Weekly|Jan 10, 2019

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  • No−cook oatmeal balls

    No−cook oatmeal balls

    Looking for healthy, nourishing snack ideas? Try these no−cook oatmeal balls - full of natural, wholesome ingredients and so delicious!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Nov 10, 2018

  • granola brunch recipes

    Granola brunch board

    Gather the family around this healthy granola board for your next weekend brunch. Colourful, crunchy and packed full of flavour, it's the ultimate way to kick-start the day.

    Woman's Day|Jan 03, 2018

  • easy overnight oats

    Berry, ginger and coconut oats

    Just pop your ingredients into a bowl overnight and all you'll need to do the next morning is heat them up! Warming, healthy and oh-so delicious, these oats will become a family favourite in no time.

    Woman's Day|Sep 27, 2017

  • peanut butter overnight oats

    Peanut butter oats

    Peanut butter and banana are a match made in heaven in this warming breakfast recipe! Even better, just five minutes of prep the night before guarantees an easy morning meal the next day.

    Woman's Day|Sep 27, 2017

  • easy overnight oats

    Apple pie oats

    Prepare these tasty oats the night before for a delicious brekky in just five minutes. And with all the classic flavours of a freshly-baked apple pie, who can say no to this healthy start to their day?

    Woman's Day|Sep 27, 2017

  • rolled oats recipe

    Strawberry, fig and super seed oats

    Taking the time to prepare this recipe the night before pays off wonderfully the next day. With healthy strawberries, seeds and fibre-packed oats, your morning self will thank you for such a tasty breakfast!

    Woman's Day|Sep 27, 2017

  • easy dessert recipes with oats

    Easy dessert recipes with oats

    Great for heart health, super versatile and budget-friendly, oats are a brilliant way to bulk up your sweet treats, providing you with slow-burning energy to fuel your day. From healthy oat and date loaves, perfect for morning tea, to cute muesli bites for the kids, these inexpensive recipes make great breakfast ideas or lunchbox fillers for work and school. Let's get baking!

    Now to love|Jun 20, 2017

  • Anzac biscuits recipe

    Giant Anzac biscuits

    Whether you love them chewy or crunchy, this versatile Anzac biscuit recipe is perfect! Just adjust the cooking time for your preferred bikkie and you'll have a new go-to recipe for every Anzac Day.

    Woman's Day|May 29, 2017

  • orchard muesli slice

    Orchard muesli slice

    These tasty snacks are the healthier alternative to your store-bought muesli bars. Packed full of dried fruits, chia seeds and coconut, this recipe is already sweet enough so there's no need for sugar!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Feb 13, 2017

  • muesli bar bites

    Muesli bar bites

    These bite-sized treats are the perfect lunchbox filler or after-school snack for kids.

    Woman's Day|Feb 02, 2017

  • apricot muesli bar

    Muesli bar and slice recipes

    Store-bought muesli bars usually masquerade as a healthy school or work snack when in reality they are often full of sugar. But as a favourite lunchbox filler among the little ones, muesli bars aren't disappearing any time soon. So, homemade versions are the way to go. Here, we've gathered 12 of our easiest recipes for slices and bars. Opt for a fruity, sugar-free version for a healthier snack or indulge in a chocolate-y slice when you want to treat yourself. Enjoy!

    Now to love|Feb 02, 2017

  • Spinach tart with oat pastry

    Spinach tart with oat pastry

    This delicious savoury tart recipe is perfect to slice up and serve warm or cool for a tasty lunch or light dinner. It's packed full of nutrients, and is made even healthier with the addition of whole grain oats.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 21, 2016