23 creative kebab recipes

Fire up the barbie, skewer your favourite meats and serve up a deliciously easy meal that's bound to impress with one of our creative kebab recipes. From spicy Portuguese-style sticks and gorgeous Greek-inspired pork skewers to prawn, fish and vegetarian recipes, these favourites will be hit with kids and adults alike - because food tastes better on a stick, after all!

Australian Women's Weekly|Jun 28, 2017

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  • Tasty tagine recipes

    The Moroccan take on a slow-cooked stew, a tagine is a wonderfully versatile and hearty dish that's just perfect for Winter. These one-pot wonders are packed full of fragrant Moroccan spices, tender cuts of meat and delicious, healthy vegetables and are left to simmer to perfection for hours. And the best part? Very little work is required on your part; the pot does all the work! We're already dreaming of Morocco...

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  • MKR Recipe Recap - 2017 Grand Final

    Siblings Amy and Tyson faced off against mother-daughter duo in the ultimate My Kitchen Rule challenge. The pairs plated up five dishes that were destined to impress. Judges and ex-contestants alike sang praises of the menus but it was Amy and Tyson who took out the crown. Here, we've taken inspiration from both teams' grand final menus. There's everything from pistachio kulfi and mint sorbet to two variations on pea soup.

    Now to love|Apr 30, 2017

  • MKR Recipe Recap - Semi Final 2

    This was a round where we didn't want to see either team lose! Friends Tim and Kyle and mother-daughter duo Valerie and Courtney went head-to-head in the second semi final round of My Kitchen Rules last night. The girls triumphed with their spicy menu and sadly sent the boys home. Here, we've pulled together some of our favourite copycat dishes, from Tim and Kyle's scallops on celeriac puree to Valerie's oxtail stew. Enjoy!

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  • MKR Recipe Recap - Semi Final 1

    The My Kitchen Rules finals week kicked off with David and Betty & Amy and Tyson going head-to-head with their best three course menu. It was a close competition, with the siblings scraping through to the Grand Final by a mere two points. Here, we're taking inspiration from their menus and have gathered our best similar recipes. There's everything from Asian-style prawns, twice-cooked pork belly and tasty duck dishes. Enjoy!

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  • Melt-in-your-mouth ribs recipes

    Is there anything better than tender, falling-off-the-bone ribs? If you're a fan, you're in the right place! Be inspired by our range of marinades for beef, pork and lamb ribs - there's everything from a deliciously sticky honey glaze to tasty Asian-spice ideas - and try one out this weekend. We have quick recipes for the barbie when you're short on time as well as mouth-watering slow-cooker recipes, perfect for when you're really looking to impress. Dig in!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Apr 21, 2017

  • MKR Recipe Recap - Episode 43

    The theme of the latest My Kitchen Rules challenge was meat. And lots of it. The teams were tasked with choosing three different cuts of their favourite type and plating up the trio in just ninety minutes. Sound like your kind of meal? Check out our best copycat versions below - you're sure to be inspired!

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  • MKR Recipe Recap - Episode 36

    Friends Della and Tully shot to second place with their hit-or-miss menu last night. While both their entrees of garlic bugs and fried barramundi were winners, their main dishes of beef short ribs and pork neck failed to please. For dessert, Della and Tully's lemon brûlée tart was an all-round success but their chocolate honeycomb sundae was received poorly. Here, we've gathered all our best copycat recipes for you to try at home. There's everything from two ways with bug tails to two tasty recipes for beef short ribs and our delicious lemon brûlée tarts.

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  • Recipes from our favourite TV chefs

    Whether you fell in love with them as they plated up impressive dishes time and time again on Australia's top cooking competitions or they won your hearts as the star of their own show, there's no doubt that we've loved welcoming these celebrity chefs into our homes each day. And with these gorgeous recipes straight from the source, it will be like having them over every night. We have everything from Manu Feildel's delicious sweet omelette souffle to Julie Goodwin's hearty lamb cacciatore. There's also recipes from Maggie Beer, Tobie Puttock, Poh Ling Yeow and more. Enjoy!

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  • 20 Australian classic pub food recipes

    From salt and pepper calamari to a chicken parma and roasts of the day, these recipes for our favourite pub grub are even better when homemade. So whip one of these tasty dishes up, turn on the footy and enjoy!

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