Japanese crumbed pork bowls

With egg fried rice and crumbed pork schnitzel, this quick and easy recipe makes the perfect Japanese-style dinner for any night of the week.

Woman's Day|Mar 14, 2017

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  • MKR Recipe Recap - Elimination Round 3

    It was friends up against family in My Kitchen Rules' third elimination round of 2017. Lama and Sarah & Caitie and Demi went head-to-head in a closely-matched battle, first impressing with their entrees of spicy prawns with crusty bread and zucchini fritters with tzatziki, respectively. However, while Caitie and Demi stayed consistent with their remaining meals, it all went downhill for the cousins. For their mains Caitie and Demi served up moussaka while Lama and Sarah opted for lamb cutlets with couscous salad. For dessert, the friends plated up their modern spin on galaktoboureko and the cousins revealed a classic Lebanese treat of caramelised figs. Though we said goodbye to Lama and Sarah, their menu, as well as Caitie and Demi's, had much to be admired. Here, we've gathered our best similar recipes for you to try at home. Enjoy!

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  • MKR Recipe Recap - Episode 16

    Fashion friends Caitie and Demi plated up a vogue chic menu to the teams last night, fusing their two favourite cuisines; Japanese and Italian. Though beautifully presented, their starter of a sushi bundt and main of Japanese-style burgers didn't quite impress. However, the girls' fusion "matchamisu", a matcha cake used in a traditional tiramisu, was a perfect blend of flavours, giving them a total score of 60/110. Loved their interesting feed? Here, we've gathered our best similar recipes for you to master, from four ways to style sushi and Asian-style burgers to four of our favourite takes on tiramisu. Enjoy!

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  • Chicken katsu

    Save time in the kitchen with this cheat's dish! Pick up a barbecue chicken on the way home for an easy Japanese chicken katsu dish that's perfect for those busy mid-week dinners.

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  • Grilled miso chicken with baby beetroot salad

    Our healthy Japanese miso chicken recipe is brought to life with incredible complementary flavours in its sweet beetroot and radish salad and fragrant picked ginger. Perfect for a light lunch or dinner.

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  • Chicken teriyaki noodle bowls

    Change up the weekly dinner menu with this tasty recipe. Easy to make and serve and delicious to eat, these bowls are full of traditional Japanese flavours and healthy veggies.

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  • Tuna and somen salad with lemon and wasabi dressing

    If you're looking for ways to make healthy food taste really delicious, you can't go past this quick Japanese salad - packed full of cool somen noodles, tuna, avocado, eggs and Kewpie mayonnaise.

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  • Prawn nori stack with wasabi mayonnaise

    With fresh Aussie prawns, crispy toasted nori and a delicious wasabi mayonnaise, these gorgeous sushi stacks are the perfect way to impress your family and friends at your next party.

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  • Yakitori chicken and eggplant skewers

    Delicious, versatile and budget-friendly, chicken thigh fillets are the perfect family meal staple, and they are brilliant when paired with tender eggplant in these Japanese-style skewers.

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  • Spicy salmon mixed-grain sushi

    Veg it up! Replace the fish with a thin plain omelette or slices of marinated tofu.

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  • Pork and ramen noodles

    A popular fast food in the many ramen bars in Japan, they are also a diet staple for students. ‘Ramen’ is the name of noodle, as well as the name of the dish.

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  • The best of the best Japanese recipes

    There's more to Japanese cuisine than just sushi - although it is undeniably delicious! - so we've put together a collection of our favourites to get you inspired. We have all the traditional go-to dishes covered; after all, who can go past a delicious pork gyoza dumpling, steaming hot bowl of ramen, or a hearty pork tonkatsu? But we've added a modern twist too, with a spiced sashimi and ginger cabbage salad, and oysters with mirin and cucumber. Take your pick; any of these mouth-watering dishes is sure to become a favourite, fast.

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