Easy moussaka

While this moussaka recipe uses store-bought bechamel sauce to save you prep time, it sure hasn't lost any of its classic Greek authenticity. Plus, it freezes well, making it great for lunches during the week.

Woman's Day|Jun 28, 2017

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  • Easy Greek meatball bake

    We've used store-bought meatballs to speed up prep time, making this gorgeous Greek dish a wonderful family meal for busy weeknights. Serve it up with fries, pita pockets and tzatziki.

    Woman's Day|Jun 27, 2017

  • Easy avgolemono

    This traditional Greek chicken and egg soup is finished off with a perfectly poached egg and a sprinkling of green onion. We can't wait to slurp on this for dinner!

    Woman's Day|Jun 20, 2017

  • Greek-style roast chicken

    A traditional roast chicken with delicious stuffing and buttery, tender flesh is a wonderfully economical dinner and a mouth-watering Greek-inspired version never goes out of style. Serve it up with olives.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jun 16, 2017

  • Easy prawn saganaki

    This popular Greek recipe is transformed into an easy midweek dinner meal with the use passata for the sauce and a simple side salad. Topped with sourdough bread, it's a deliciously comforting dish.

    Woman's Day|May 02, 2017

  • Greek Easter recipes

    Celebrate Easter with a delicious Greek menu for a filling feast the family will adore! Here, we've pulled together a selection of our best traditional Greek recipes that generally make an appearance on the Easter spread. There's everything from the iconic red-dyed eggs to Greek-style roast lamb and koulourakia cookies. Why not start lunch with marinated olives and fried haloumi before chowing down on some lemon baked potatoes and lamb chops? It'll be your most memorable Easter yet!

    Now to love|Apr 10, 2017

  • Individual eggplant moussakas

    This traditional Greek dish gets a modern spin in this recipe! We've served our tasty lamb mince mixture in eggplant shells and topped with a cheesy sauce for a hearty family meal.

    Woman's Day|Mar 10, 2017

  • Easy spanakopita

    Filled with healthy greens, reduced fat cheeses and eggs and topped with a light filo pastry, this easy spanakopita recipe makes the perfect light dinner for the whole family.

    Woman's Day|Feb 08, 2017

  • Greek mezze gyros bowls

    Switch up your Mediterranean meals with this deconstructed gyros. Served simply and stylishly in a bowl, this delicious recipe is full of classic Greek flavours for a dish the whole family will love.

    Woman's Day|Feb 06, 2017

  • 16 quick and tasty Greek salad recipes

    There's a reason why Greek-style salads have gained a massive following over the years - they're easy to make, generally very healthy and packed full of flavour. The saltiness of the olives and creamy feta cheese is balanced perfectly by the fresh tomatoes and cucumber. Top it all off with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and you've got yourself a tasty and nutritious lunch! To jazz it up, accompany your salads with some grilled lamb, crumbed chicken or battered seafood.

    Now to love|Sep 16, 2016

  • Miguel's harissa lamb and baba ganoush

    Miguel Maestre, co-host of Channel 10's The Living Room and ambassador of Stockland’s #AtoZofMmmm, shares this deliciously moreish recipe for harissa lamb and baba ganoush.

    Supplied|Feb 05, 2016

  • Skinny spanakopita

    Our healthier version of this classic Greek dish uses reduced fat feta and ricotta so you can cut down on calories without compromising on taste.

    Woman's Day|Dec 05, 2015

  • Gorgeous Greek recipes

    Combining fresh vegetables, olive oil, and flavourful meats such as lamb and pork, Greek food is hearty, generous and tasty. This collection of our favourite Greek recipes is meant to be shared with family, friends and loved ones. Whether you're after classic kofta meatballs, delicious wrapped gyros or a fresh salad with feta and olives, we've got you covered. Our spinach and cheese spanakopita is utterly delicious, and don't forgot our sweet baklava to finish the meal!

    Now to love|Sep 23, 2015