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  • Duck with mango slaw

    Try something different for dinner tonight, and switch out your chicken for delicious, succulent duck breast fillets. Team your crispy-skin duck with an Asian-style slaw for a creative, tasty meal.

    Woman's Day|Jan 22, 2018

  • Sticky roast duck breast

    This Chinese-style crispy duck breast is finished off with a sticky, sweet sauce and is served with fluffy rice and steamed greens for a winning family dinner idea.

    Woman's Day|Nov 06, 2017

  • Delicious duck recipes

    Thought many Aussies don't regularly cook with duck, this deliciously tender meat is surprisingly easy to incorporate into your home-cooked meals. The best part about this meat is that it can be effortlessly paired with many different flavours from all over the world. From an Italian-style ragu pasta, to an Asian-spiced whole roast duck, these delicious recipes showcase just how easy it is to make a tasty duck dish at home.

    Now to love|May 25, 2017

  • MKR Recipe Recap - Episode 34

    The teams are back in their kitchens for My Kitchen Rules' daunting Super Dinner Parties round. First up, mum and daughter duo, Valerie and Courtney! The challenge? To serve up six mouth-watering dishes and allow the teams, and judges, to take their pick. Things in the kitchen were quick to heat up, with their favourite fragrant spices being added to dishes left, right and centre. Here, we've gathered some of our similar recipes for you to recreate their menus at home. We have the two tastiest elements of their successful tapas - chilli prawns and saffron scallops - plus, our take on their winning fish curry, jaman balls and of course, a wobbly cardamom panna cotta.

    Now to love|Mar 28, 2017

  • Red braised fragrant duck with plum glaze

    With a lovely, sticky plum glaze and bright syrupy plums, this delicious crispy duck dish makes the perfect quick dinner idea. Accompany with a generous serving of Asian veggies and steamed rice.

    Woman's Day|Mar 27, 2017

  • MKR Recipe Recap - Episode 20

    Despite a few hiccups (and far too many stairs!), Wollongong friends, Mell and Cyn managed to plate up a menu impressive enough to propel them to second place on the leaderboard. While their entree of blue swimmer crab with avocado puree and citrus salad didn't quite win the judges' favour their main of crispy duck breast with spiced orange sauce earned 8s from both the judges. For dessert, the girls served up an average chocolate and quince tart with quince sorbet, giving them a total score of 71. If you loved their gourmet menu, we've gathered our best copycat recipes for you to try at home. There's everything from three ways with crab and chocolate quince tarts to our best duck and orange recipes.

    Now to love|Mar 05, 2017

  • Chinese duck recipes for dinner tonight

    The richness of duck meat is perfect for Chinese cooking, which is all about big, bold flavours and delicious sauces. Here, we've pulled together a selection of our favourite authentic recipes for you to recreate at home, from peking duck pancakes to dumplings and spring rolls. You'll also find some quick stir-fries, soups and salads for tasty weeknight dinners without having to go for take-out. Let's get cooking!

    Now to love|Jan 19, 2017

  • Duck salad with figs and prosciutto

    Packed full of flavour and texture, this delicious duck salad is one you'll want to whip out when entertaining. The combination of cool and sweet figs with crisp, salty prosciutto and tender duck is out of this world. Plus, it's super quick to whip up!

    Woman's Day|Nov 14, 2016

  • Sesame duck salad

    Packed full of tender roasted duck, sweet pineapple and fresh herbs and spices, this Chinese-style salad is both healthy and delicious.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Aug 29, 2016

  • Duck and mushroom soup

    Succulent, juicy duck and hearty mushroom soup - full of wholesome, authentic Asian flavours, this is perfect combination for dinner tonight!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Aug 12, 2015

  • Duck and mango salad

    The spices of chilli, ginger and cumin contrast against sweet mango in this fresh duck salad, perfect for lunch or a starter at a dinner party.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Dec 30, 2014

  • Duck breast with peaches

    This is the perfect dinner party recipe. Duck breasts and spiced peaches make an impressive meal to share with friends.

    Australian Table|Aug 29, 2014