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  • Raspberry and custard tea cake

    This moist and buttery tea cake, adorned with raspberries and almond flakes is a wonderful afternoon or after-dinner treat - especially with thickened cream.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jun 24, 2019

  • Apricot bliss balls

    These deliciously sweet apricot balls are easy to make and a perfect lunch box snack or on-the-go energy hit.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jun 23, 2019

  • Zucchini slice

    Super-healthy and versatile, this zucchini slice is perfect as a side dish, a main served with a fresh Greek salad and crusty bread, or chilled in tomorrow's lunchbox.

    Australian Women's Weekly|May 08, 2019

  • Mexican mac and cheese

    Our take on the traditional mac and cheese is one we're sure you're going to love. We've combined the traditional flavours of Mexican and put it all in one!

    Australian Women's Weekly|May 02, 2019

  • Chocolate peppermint slice

    Recreate a childhood favourite with this divine chocolate and peppermint slice recipe that is wonderful sliced and shared with loved ones over a pot of tea.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 25, 2018

  • Delicious everyday recipes

    Packed full of protein and calcium to fuel your body, and delicious creamy, cheesy goodness to nourish your soul, dairy is a versatile addition to many recipes. We've gathered together our favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to provide you endless options for healthy weeknight and weekend dishes. There's also a few sneaky desserts in there to satisfy your sweet tooth, with everything from cakes to ice-cream. Yum!

    Now to love|Dec 16, 2015

  • No fuss, no bake dessert recipes

    Sometimes you find yourself craving a mid-morning or afternoon sweet treat but don't have time to switch on the oven. Don't fret, these decadent desserts require zero baking. From cakes and cookies, to slices and brownies, we've pulled together our best recipes for your enjoyment. Indulge in our creamy peanut butter cheesecake, or treat yourself to one of our fudgey chocolate refrigerator brownies. There's also a few sugar-free recipes for those wanting healthier options.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 30, 2015

  • East Coast tartare sauce

    This easy tartare sauce recipe turns store-bought mayo into a deliciously tangy dip or topping.

    Taste|Apr 23, 2015

  • Tangy lemon torte

    Here is a perfectly pretty and fresh-tasting dessert which can also function as a birthday cake.

    Taste|Apr 19, 2015